Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have been skipping sleep lately. You know, stuff happens, and you don’t do justice to your basic needs.

No, I don’t mean sex.

Well, yes, there is that too. Without sex the world would come to an unappreciated end. At least, unappreciated by me. But then, I am highly sexed. That is not to say that I am a predator. It is very much the other way: “Please use me for your pleasure.” Yes, am a slut when the situation warrants it. Last night was such.

MW has been hinting about sex. For me, anything with sex is better than nothing, which is what we have had for some time. She had a CB2000 installed on me. I know, it is not the ultimate sex toy, and yet, it turns me on. It has been two days. She has the key, and I would not dream of breaking this toy without her permission. Goddess, I would love to be at her mercy. Alas, it is a toy. A sexy toy, but no more than that.

Last night we stayed up later than we usually do. It could have beeen her pheromones. I don’t know. She gave me pain. I know, the way I convey this is blasé and blatant. But that’s just the way it was. I know that I am a pain slut. I love MW to mistreat my precious parts. Do I need to go into details? My counterparts in maledom are out there. You know who you are, you know when you want your … ah … parts mistreated “just so”. You have been there, and want to re-visit about once an hour unless you have passed out from lack of sleep.

Getting back to the subject … Oh Goddess! She gave me pain. You know, the good pain. Not like a headache, not like a broken bone. The good stuff. My only wish was that she would increase the intensity and prolong the duration. But then, we must not succumb to pleasure, for it would be the end of life. Pleasure must be meted at a reasonable rate and mixed with boredom and drudgery. I know that I am a pleasure junkie when it comes to MW. In general, I would rather give it than receive it. I know it’s perverse, but that’s the way I am. I could live and die pleasuring her.

Still, I love receiving pleasure by MW. It is her precious gift to me. And then, there are her pheromones. They grab me by the ... you know.

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