Friday, June 11, 2010

It Is Just A thigh

I stand on her right side. She sits before her computer doing whatever she does, I don’t want to intrude. I just look down. Her right thigh is horizontal partly exposed from near pubis to her knee. If a man is ever tempted by female charms this would be it. And definitely I am tempted. God, she is beautiful There is nothing as charming as a female thigh. Oh well, there might be, but for now, I stand and admire. She is a gift from the Goddesses. She is MW. And I belong to her. She promised that I will get a closer look later. I will wait.


J A. said...

I enjoy sitting on my front porch watching women drive by - the sight of their thighs when driving, their skirts hiked up due being in that position, the seat belt across their breasts.

I hope she allows you to get that closer look...

Susan's Pet said...

I cannot really speak for her, but, yes, I expect that she will allow me a closer look. It comes with a scent and a flavor. Goddes, I am really looking forward to that. There is no
thing better in life.

About your sitting on your front porch, I somehow mesh with your view, so to speak. I have a front porch that looks down onto the road that is out there. I cannot actually see the beautiful women driving, but I can imagine. God, I love women! I would do anything for them, assuming that my wife approved.