Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She Kissed Me

We have kissed before, obviously. Before marriage we dated, and kissing was a major part of our ardor. At least, on my part. She was delectable, a veritable sweetheart of any man’s fantasy. But that was many years ago. Since then, we kissed lightly and seriously many times, so we both know what kissing is about.

Tonight, however, kissing took a serious turn. I have never been kissed like this. It is as if she suddenly owned my soul. Her lips took over mine, and commanded respect by their power. Yes, she was also working on my cock at the same time. My (her) cock has a Prince Albert ring through it. In addition, I wear a silver ring that she bought for me The Rings Yes, the cock manipulation had an effect on me. But that was miniscule compared to what she did with her lips to my lips. There is no way to convey the feeling to another human. You would just have to have experienced it. Her lips had a mind of their own that took over mine and reduced them to submission in the most flagrant ways. It would have been enough, but she, being her lovely Self, added her tongue to the exercise. I am not a religious person, but at that point I could have assumed MW worship to any extent. Her tongue did not exactly rape my mouth. It was more like using it to its lovely advantage. At that point there was not anything that I would not have done for her. God, she is great!

It was a kiss to die for! Maybe some day I will show a photo of her lips. It would not be enough to express my feelings, but it might be enough to show their wonderful potential.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful posting. Kissing is such an important part of intimacy. I was just thinking about this - how the directness and purposefulness of some kisses make them unique and memorable. Yesterday evening my partner and I went for a long hike in the rain. We stopped at a rock wall overlooking a beautiful valley with mist rising from the nearby woods. I held her and kissed her passionately and long as rain fell on our faces. My kiss was purposeful - it was meant to connect us. I listened to her breathing change and her body respond to my intention. Just lovely what gifts a kiss can bring.

Susan's Pet said...


I can put myself into your place with the vista that you describe. For one, I love humid foggy environs. For another, yes, kissing has no better substitute when it comes to a favorite female. I could die doing it. The way you presented this is great. Thank you for a miniscule view into your private life. I will treasure it.