Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Excerpt ...

Garth woke up on Carmelita’s couch. His mouth tasted like shit, all the smokes and that cheap wine added up. He needed a shower, but his head was just too damned big. He drifted off again until Carmelita kicked him in the leg, “Time to go, lover boy!”

Garth gathered his wits to the extent possible, and sat up. Oh shit! Ellie will be a bitch. He did not have the money to pay Carmelita. Fuck it. She will take an IOU like usual. “Sweetheart, I owe you.”

“No shit? You’re damn right you owe me. And if you don’t come up with some cash soon, I’ll cut off your nuts!”

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry.” He reached for her tits, but stopped as she kicked him in the balls

“You know about that title to your RV? I have it. You were stupid enough to sign the transfer, so it’s as good as mine. Now get your carcass out of here, and come back with money soon, or I’ll have the sheriff out there helping me to take ownership of your RV.”

Carmelita was a good fuck.. She was a great fuck. He could live with all that great stuff she strutted. The pisser was, she never was into blowjobs. She had that piss-ant boyfriend of sorts who would do anything she wanted, and once or twice she told the boy to suck him off. Garth went along with it basically because he got his rocks off his favorite way, and also, all he had to pay was a couple of six-packs, which was cheaper than what Carmelita usually charged.

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