Friday, June 4, 2010


I have been reading some blogs having to do with Female Led Relationship (FLR) over three years. There were some that attracted my attention in chastity, denial, cuckoldry, and mild S/M, but most lost my interest on the long run. Simple FLR is what I desired. It still has my attention. The problem is, I am losing interest even reading about that because of all the fake blogs. I keep touch with those that I know to be real.

I have debunked several blogs over the short three years that I pursued this interest. It felt good. But lately I began to feel different. I think that a man has fantasies that he cannot fulfill; he needs an outlet that is relatively harmless. Posting a blog is a way. If he is good enough writer to fool the readers, then what is the harm? The readers like it, and maybe learn from it, or go off and create their own fantasy blogs. As a result of my epiphany I resolved to stop debunking fake blogs as a rule. I would still debunk one upon a challenge, but I no longer feel compelled to make FLR Blogdom pure. Yes, I know, it took me a long time to become benign in this respect.

Hell, there is little reality left out there. If you are real, please let us know and how we can tell that you are not fake.


ServingB said...

Hi. I haven't been blogging all that long nor have I been in an flr all that long, but I am one of those real ones. My partner and I met eight months ago today, I introduced her to the concept of an flr, and she felt it was worth exploring. She collared me in March and our relationship has deepened on all levels since then. I share my thoughts about the evolution of our relationship in my blog,, and invite you and other readers to view and comment. We're as real as it gets. It's all very new to us both but it has been a wonderful journey that we look forward to continuing. I am not sure exactly how one proves the reality of what one shares. I have posted a few photos and my partner (B) comments on my blog from time to time, but outside of that I suppose it will be for the reader to judge.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

I commend you on your enlightened and tolerant approach. I completely agree and practice the same policy of restraint. You never know who anyone is on the Internet anyway. For example; I could be an eighty five year old woman sitting on my porch smoking a corn cob pipe. Due to the anonymous nature of the web you never know who somebody is for sure until you meet them in the flesh.

Usually if a relationship in a blog sounds too ideal and perfect it probably is. But you can never tell. I think some of those seemingly ideal relationships are new. A new relationship is incredibly passionate and full of fire. Of the blogs that are real I sometimes wonder how many of those FLRs will stand the test of time. *Shrug!*

Generally I try to take people at face value and not second guess them. When they give me a reason to doubt I dig a little deeper and see if my reservations are justified. But I usually keep my opinions to myself and let them go on their merry way rather than trying to expose them. It's the Internet. It is here for my amusement and entertainment. Fighting with people on blogs and bulletin boards is a waste of time. And trying to keep Blogdom pure would be a truly Herculean task!!!! :-p

Miss Jaye said...

For me, blogs are a source of entertainment. I search for blogs that are well written, post on interesting topics and have other entertainment value such as being funny or informative. If I want reality, I venture into the "real world" although, one has to be cautious, as there are as many fakes in the third dimension as there are in the blogsphere.

Princess Mina said...

I'm real! But I don't post as much as I like so when I do it's about the good stuff. We have lots of boring stuff too but I don't write about that. Mina

hersforever said...

I would hope that my blog itself stands as a testament to the realism of my wife's and my relationship... that it includes both the ups and downs of our relationship, and while some of the newer posts seem to stretch the limit of my reader's credulity there are 3 people that know undeniably the truth of them and that's all I need. As for the rest... if they want to read it as entertainment I still welcome them and their comments.

Personally, I find the anonymity of reading into other blogs and getting ideas for things my wife and I might try exciting, regardless of whether the other blog is believably real or not.