Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yeah! Men Are Stupid, Whereas Women Are Smart

Showing how stupid some men are is fodder for comediennes, comics, and jokes. One of my favorite cartoon strips is Andy Capp. Here is an example:

He is not really stupid. He is just without a clue when it comes to tact. It is obvious that his wife knows it.

However, I have a problem with the entire scenario within and way outside of the cartoon strip and comedy in general. Take, for example, Flo, Andy Capp’s better half. By comparison she is smarter, more charming, more forgiving, and generally a better human than this sorry excuse for wasted skin. My question is, “Why is she married to such a piece of worthlessness?” Even more to the point, “Why did she marry him in the first place?”

If men are so shallow and stupid, should not an intelligent and supreme woman know that and avoid long-term relationship with them? After all, if she is so much smarter, should not she see past his sexual endowment and not try to burden her life for years with it? Sheesh, a dildoe would be much less expensive in emotion, commitment, and monetary ways. So what was it that grabbed her attention long enough to go with the stupid schmuck? Does anyone have an answer?

Could it be that women are not really smarter than men?

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Another One said...

The idea that one sex is smarter than the other is ludicrous. Ignoring the fact that there is no useful definable term to make the comparison meaningful, the simple obvious point is the spectrum of any given sex will have outliers. Even if you were to say that, on the whole, spectrum favors one sex, in a day to day world, it would make no difference.

And anyone who believes they are smart, intelligent, or “the shit” just hasn’t spent nearly enough time around truly intelligent people. If you ever feel you are the smartest person you know, you need to meet new people.