Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Piercing Thought

Back on the farm, we had pigs. Pigs have a habit of digging under fences by using their snouts that have evolved for that task. To minimize the damage that they can do, we pierced the rim of their snout and installed metal rings in it. The result was that the pig decided not to push the issue, and refrained from further digging. Barbaric, isn’t it?

You need to see the actual rim of the pig’s snout before you can make the connection to my current theme. The rim of my cock has had one piercing in the past. The gold wire we used was fascinating, but it worked its way out to the point where I had to remove it before losing it (MW is wearing the ring in her ear now). The reason was that the hole was too close to the edge, and the wire ring migrated to the edge.

There are piercings on other body parts, although not mine, with one exception: my left earlobe is pierced. I wear an ornament that is changed from time to time. At the moment it is a silver ring. In the past it was a gold ring, or a diamond stud. It needs to be changed or removed occasionally to accommodate a job’s personnel requirements, or appearance in court of our peers.

Aside from that, private piercings are an issue with me that is open and welcome. The only time it may be a deterrent is if or when I end up in jail pending arraignment. It has not happened yet, but it is something that I don’t relish. I have delivered many losers to jail and seen them having to declare and remove jewelry as part of entry into incarceration. Then there is the actual dealing with inmates once inside, which I have seen but not yet experienced. Let’s not get there in this venue.

My currently successful piercing is the Prince Albert. It is a source of fascination for me, and a possible source of irritation for MW. Hardware can be abrasive even when it is smooth, unless there is sufficient lubrication. Since she controls my occasion of penetration by my fully functional part, she also has the option to have me remove the hardware before doing so.

This piercing is useful in other respects. I wear a captive bead ring, but it can be easily replaced with a padlock. In either case, the ring or padlock can be locked or clipped to a chain, which in turn is attached to some other device. The most common device is the CB3000. At the moment we are not in a financial position to spend on acquiring a later model. The reason for the connection is to assure that I don’t accidentally drop the device out of my pants’ leg in case I go limp, or if the plastic fails. Besides, the chain with the connection is an extra kick.

A similar safety mechanism can be provided by using a frenum piercing. I had one, but it became unreliable, because the hole enlarged and could not be trusted to contain the locking device before failing. Those of you who are uncut may have a better chance of using this for its intended purpose.

Getting back to the rim, I am still looking forward to having it pierced in one to three places. Once pierced, a ring of some metal or plastic must be kept in the hole permanently to prevent the body’s tendency to close it. I will love to go with welded gold rings. Once in place, they can be joined with a large ring or padlock that would become a sort of chastity device. Not that I need one to keep me chaste, it’s just that I need one to keep me horny. With the proposed ring/lock combination there would be no possibility of penetrating sex, for the other person would violently object. I suppose that masturbation would still be possible unless enhancements were added. I will address that in a later post.


doll said...

Once upon a time I thought I would like a clitoral piercing but since having the nipples done have put it right out of my mind. I can't help thinking that such a piercing might migrate through the skin with regular abrasion during fucking.

Susan's Pet said...

If you are talking about that sweet little bundle of nerves, Ouch! You are braver than most. If you meant the hood, it should not be a problem with respect to migration. Just make sure that there is plenty of tissue pierced. It is only when pierced near the edge that migration becomes a problem.