Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I ask, “Why ask?”

Say, we are in a situation where expertise in deep sea drilling is crucial, and we are hiring. You are dammed right I would ask the applicant about his or her ability to handle the job such as the oil spill in the US gulf coast. As for his or her preference to say, the use of the male member or a dildo, well, with due disrespect to the thought police, it is irrelevant. Aside from the analogy, whether or not you use a condom while having sex has little to do with how you cap a spewing oil well. Of course, some people will think otherwise.

Don't ask, don't tell.

In the military I would prefer to have fighting men and women whose first thought about a situation is to kill the enemy as opposed to being nice and trying to make friends. The thing about sexual preference is never an issue here. I have no position for or against this shit of controversy about gays in the military. The reason is, “It does not matter!” Among our duly elected idiots, elected by idiots,  in Congress, this thing comes up repeatedly, and they can’t get rid of it on account of having their heads up somebody's ass. Ok, they don't ask, and don't tell about it, and I just hope that while that is going in somebody will evacuate and then flush. Sometimes I think that we would all be better without a Congress. Yes, I know, that is the cry of an anarchist although I am not one. Still, considering the hundreds of thousands of congressional laws that are unconstitutional, destructive, and useless that we could do without, nobody would know the difference if we scrapped all and just stayed with the United States Constitution. The people who created this document did not have their heads up somebody's ass. We should trust their wisdom, and not mess with something that most of us are not intelligent enough even to read. When was the last time you read and understood the Constitution?

In a way, we should reboot our government, and get rid of the detritus accumulated because of misperceptions of what is right or wrong. I would begin with the current president-so-to-speak, With him gone, almost any idiot would do better on the job. Of course, the Senate and the House of Representatives would be next. One of my dogs would do as well as any current member of the Congress. At least, he would not be thinking of reelection, or “bringing home the bacon.” Damn, I am pissed!

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Susan's Pet said...

Thank you all for your positive comments.

ServingB, it must be exhilarating to be in a new FLR. I wish you well, and look forward to reading your adventure.

HMP, you are on to one of the basics taught in Debunk 101: “…if a relationship in a blog sounds too ideal and perfect it probably is [fake] …” As some of you said, we tend to write only the good stuff at first, so it is hard to say whether it is real. But later on we find out.

Miss Jaye, I, too, spend time on reality such as it is: current events, editorials, and news analysis. At some point, daily, I need to relax, which is where reading blogs on FLR and related subjects comes in. The thing is, I don’t want to dismiss it as “just entertainment” and not think of its veracity. So I become a critic from time to time.

Princess Mina, as we have said above, writing only the good stuff is only one of the potential fake alarms. I have never dismissed a blog upon reading one posting. However, reading several posts tells me much. It is like interviewing job applicants: after a while I practically smell their BS based on a few answers to my questions. By the way, I have not been aware of you until your current comment. I am looking forward to reading your blog.