Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Rings

Some years ago while in college I worked at jobs that made the wearing of a wedding ring, or any kind of ring for that matter, hazardous. Consequently, I left my wedding ring in a drawer at home. My wife was understanding, and did not think that I wanted to enhance my flirting possibilities by the lack of displaying a wedding ring.

An anniversary was coming up, and my wife (she was not yet MW then) decided to get me something special. She visited a jeweler, and described to him the kind of ring she wanted. It was to be of gold, about a quarter inch wide, thick band, with no sharp edges. She gave the jeweler the inner diameter needed. The jeweler said, “Your husband must be a large man to have fingers this big.”

“The ring is not for his finger,” she answered.

There was no more to be said at that point.

On the anniversary she presented the ring to me. I was pleased, and tried it on all of my fingers. Alas, it was too big. She just smiled, and said, “There is one you haven’t tried.”

I was quick to realize what the ring was for. But I had to work fast. With a bit of manhandling I was able to manipulate it on into a position just behind the glans.
It was a good fit at first. I could wear it at work without worry about damages to it or my fingers. I experienced some pain during nocturnal erections, but it was somewhat erotic, and I became accustomed to it.

After some years the configuration of the little guy must have adapted to the constriction, for in cool weather the fit became rather loose. A couple of times the ring fell off. I decided then that instead of losing the ring, I would just keep in on my dresser, and wear it only when the little guy tended to be big, such as under provocation, in warm weather, and also, while at home.

My wife, MW by this time, was aware of this, so she decided to get us another anniversary present. She did some research on the Internet and found it. The present was a pair of silver rings. One smaller for her, and one larger, but not quite as large as the gold ring, for me. It takes a bit of effort to put it on, but this is unlikely to work itself off without lubrication and some force. This is the ring shown in my previous post. However, it had caused another problem of sorts. I will not go into that this time.


doll said...

Silver is never a good choice. I can imagine the effects of the nickel in such a delicate spot. Must have been fun explaining to the physician.

bdenied said...

I have always thought the best place for a wedding ring on a man was his cock.....interesting your wife came up with the same idea

ctredford said...

Thanks for the story behind the ring. Creds go to MW, I have never seen or heard of that idea before.