Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going On A Trip

I am going on a trip of two to four days. I will be driving alone. MW will be staying at home taking care of all furry critters and the homestead.

I have a choice of my own making. Here is my chance to use the little guy the way I can under the circumstances.

No, I don’t mean consorting with willing persons on the side. Just, you know, having some fun in the privacy of my accommodations. MW would not know the difference unless she asked.

Actually, I have done Master Bation before, and was willing and able, nay, even eager, to do all that she could accept from me afterward. So the thing is not really an issue that needs mitigation.

Still, I feel almost like the guy who goes out of town and fucks everything in sight. MW is not planning to lock me for the duration. I am not sure that I would want to be. It is not a matter of discomfort or loss of access to pleasure. It is more like being realistic. I drive on an interstate highway many hundreds of miles. Things can happen. Do I want to be found with a friggin’ cage and such around my formerly private parts?

Given all that, the idea of being locked until I return intrigues me. I guess, if some really bad things happen, some emergency technician finding my balls confined and really be disgusted (or turned on) won’t make a difference to me.

So, what do you advise? Should I go locked or free?


ctredford said...

enjoy yourself!

Miss D said...

I d were going away in such a matter I would appreciate him discussing his concerns with me. his submission is a choice and to not discuss something of this nature with me would be more seriously 'punished' than any willy fiddling.

I would understand the practicalities of being locked and in an accident and would probably offer him a choice.

GO caged and be allowed some 'treat' on his return, go uncaged and be told to not masturbate OR go uncaged and required to perform some remote task/act. (the nature of which would be determined before he made his decision)

What do you think?

Susan's Pet said...

Miss D,

I would not argue with you. You are right about everything. I just skipped some details.

On previous trips that we took together I was often caged. In fact, I wrote about it last year. She knows my concerns when traveling alone, so she leaves the decision up to me. If she were to insist that I am incarcerated, I would of course comply. This time she did not say anything about it, and I did not want to bring it up.

About certain instructions on what to do or not to do, well, she has not given me any. Yet she knows that I would not do anything that she would consider betrayal. This does not include Master Bation, so if I have an option, I might take it.