Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In The Cage Again

A few days ago she said, “I would like to experiment with the CB again,” while looking over my posterior.

Her computer is in her bedroom. She could see me as she was sitting at her keyboard. I must have appealed to her somewhat dormant dominant nature as I leaned over her bed while folding her clothes. Then she asked, “Would that be all right with you?”

I don’t now whether it was rhetorical or she really needed my approval. Considering that she has perfected her very own invented technique of Ignore and Denial, I figured that shifting into Tease and Denial was a positive step. I tried to say something that did not sound stupid, but I am not sure I succeeded. Still, she added, “When you have put away my clothes, bring me the devices. I want to choose the one I want.” Trying to contain my budding erection in the face of upcoming tease I went about my business, and then hers. She chose the CB2000. As a waiter would say to a customer, “It is an excellent choice, Madam.”

So, now the little guy is encased in plastic. This picture is one of my “file photos” from 2007. Aside from the PA ring addition, no change. This time he must have been titillated, for I had hell of a time connecting the locking post with the PA ring on account of all the juices and extraordinary length.

A couple of days later she said, “When I remove the device, you will shave as you are supposed to do.”

All I could say was “Yes’m”

The day went on. Late afternoon she said, “Remove it and then report to me.”

I removed the cage. She had me sit on a stool in the bathroom, and then used a hair cutter to trim my bush that had not been short for some time. After that she told me to shave the important parts.

I got my used razor to go to some place where the sun was bright. With a few sips of wine and sunlight I proceeded to remove the quarter-inch sparse stubble that grew since the last enforced shave. I stood in the bright light, and held my parts this way and that while scraping away. This was not in the shower. This was not with shaving foam. This was not with a straight razor. It was with a used safety razor, with my anatomy dry, standing outdoors while doing depilation.

This is not a painful process. Trust me. The sparse hair on my family jewels is not resistant, and there is no hard stubble such as would be on my chin, just some length of hair here or there. The pubic hair near my thighs, which is more abundant, was only part of the operation. It too, was clipped, and then dry shaved. I would love to suffer for MW. Alas, this was not the way. She will come up with her own way for my suffering, such as “not doing anything” when I really need it.

After I reported to her she had me put a ring on my [her] cock as a temporary measure for things to come. What you see is the underside of the little guy. I turned it around to give a better view.

We went out shopping, and I did all the driving and hauling. After returning home, I unloaded the purchases. She said, “Report to me in the bedroom in five minutes.”

I was elated, thinking that she had more kinky stuff in mind. All that did happen was her telling me to install the CB3000 this time. It was difficult on account of the little guy being out of character: he was big. After half an hour or so I forced him into the plastic tube using a wire hook to grab the PA ring to pull him to where he belonged so that I could connect all the chains and locks. Damned ingrate. The short chain in the front connects the locking post with the PA ring. It does not have a lock this time since MW claims to trust me to be true. I am so good! She had me install the signaling device also, because she needed me for helping with lifting and such.

During the rest of the day she called me via the device to do “this and that”, and each time mistreated my tits. One might think that to be cruel. I think of it as, “Oh God, that is heavenly painful.” She is not always that bad. But when she decides, she is the best at it. My tits will attest.

Those of you who have had the very personal acquaintance with the CB 3000 would know that it is smaller and more confining than the CB 2000. An erection in the CB 2000 or CB 3000 feels about the same. Also, at other times, there is no discernible difference in feeling. But there is a difference. The CB 3000 offers less access to the caged part because of the fewer openings around its side. The balls are pinched just the same. The nocturnal erections feel just as weird. But the little guy looks different with smooth plastic against it rather than plastic bars. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you just have to be there to see it.

MW is good about not insisting my incarceration while on the job or out of our home. Not only would it be embarrassing to be caught in the cage, but it would be a potential for criminal and civil litigation under some circumstances having to do with my job. It is a shame that I cannot leave the home with this fine instrument where it belongs. But we try to make up for it while I am at home.

Two days later, this morning, we went out again, with me driving her to various places. She had me remove the CB 3000 prior to leaving. After return some hours later I unloaded the goods that she bought, and got into my uniform (my natural state). As I was making the bed, she said, “You will put on Kali this time.” That vicious little piece of plastic is OK as long as I get no sexual provocation. Given that I have an almost permanent hard on during my sleep, I know that suffering is in my near future.

It is now a day later. I went to sleep last night with the Kali in place. MW came to me during the night and tested my response to squeezing it. She then applied a pair of clamps to my on/off switches, before proceeding to remove Kali’s teeth. By then the little guy was big again, so my attention was split among three painful places. In a while she clipped the plastic tie that holds Kali in place, then yanked off the clamps.

All I have had today were a few squeezes of the boys. It is not really fair of her to punish the boys when I am the one who is at fault. In a way it hurts me more than it hurts them.


bdenied said...

your wife is a wise woman

ctredford said...

A very interesting post. Would you mind tell me more about the "ring" just under the head of your cock? Thanks.

Susan's Pet said...


Visit again in a couple of days, and I will answer you in another post that will do more justice to the subject than a reply here could.