Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Ain't Happenin'

I masturbate. The last time was ten days ago. Then I thought that I should not do it any more so that I would be ready for MW.

Well, she needed me four days ago, but my cock was not involved, if you know what I mean. I love oral sex, especially when I am doing it to her. I could live with that. Still, I miss the other things.

So, when I get over the feeling of obligation to be chaste I do my thing in the early morning hours when she sleeps. I do it three or four days apart, or as necessary. I would rather do it with her. I would rather have her helping me. I would rather have intense penetrating sex with her, whatever the means or methods. But, she has some problems, and then so do I as a result.

I know, there are other ways that we could have sex. She knows, since I have given her about as much information as she is willing to take on the subject. It makes no difference. So much for communication.

I think I will do it again in the morning. If I postpone, I may die of old age before getting any satisfaction.


doll said...

It does seem to be advisable to ejaculate twice a week if the research is anything to go by. I haven't seen any research on how necessary it is for women to orgasm on a regular basis, it must be out there somewhere.

I am going to be much more understanding of your feelings in a few weeks. Master is away and already I am feeling desperate, if you hear about an insane woman jumping on men in broad daylight it just might be me!!

Susan's Pet said...

Oh You Sweet Doll!

I realize that you are not taking volunteers, but I would love to be your first victim. In any case, I doubt that any man would complain. Just don't hurt yourself in the process.

Don't the two of you have a contingency plan for when you are not accessible to each other?

doll said...

This time not. I do have an intention to be very bad indeed in the pursuit of knowledge but that will only happen if I have the courage to pick up the phone and make the first move (oh and if I can find the card with the number on it).

You would be surprised, I think, to learn that I have reduced some gentlemen to trembling balls of fear when the lascivious look is in my eyes.

Susan's Pet said...

On the contrary. I would not be surprised to be reduced to "trembling balls of fear" by you.

I find it fascinating that you can take this approach, and yet be somewhat submissive to your mate. Not that this will happen, but it would be a tremendously sensual jolt to my self to submit to you under the circumstances.

Well, forget the circumstances. Any time at all...

Oh my, I hope I did not upset anyone.