Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fella Tio

Some of you may have discerned from my writings that I am a fully functional heterosexual male. If you have, it means that you have paid attention. Here is something new: I would love to be the recipient of fellatio. But it is not about to happen.

I have had some girlfriends prior to meeting my wife, but they just were not into that sort of thing. Then she and I married, and my blow-job-affairs became fantasy from then on. She did actually do it twice in our early years. It must have been bad, for it did not occur again. I don’t know where we went wrong, if we did, but somehow MW just does not do that any more. It could be the flavor of the proceeds, and I would not hold it against her to refuse that. I have tasted it, and it is, shall we say, nasty. Of course, there are ways to get around that.

But I am not really referring to the typical pornographic image here. I am talking about making love. Who does what to whom is a matter of how much you want to give to your partner as a gift.
Buying an expensive piece of jewelry maybe self-gratifying, and may end up being appreciated by the recipient. But that is only money. Something actually done or produced by one for another is precious. Then there is an extreme. We have a life-long friend who does not get any sex from her husband other than getting to suck his cock. It’s not that she wants to do so. It is that, that is all he wants from her. I could never do that to a woman. Theirs is definitely not an FLR.

I know fellatio is not a “thing of FLR”, but neither are a lot of things that I do. We are not in the mindset of “female is superior, male is a piece of crap” thing, so that is not the reason for this situation. Yet, fellatio is missing from our lives. I know, I have advised others of talking about issues. I may be remiss, but I feel that if I were to bring up this subject with MW, it would be something that would cause problems, rather than to solve them. As you can see, our relationship is not perfect.

Now, if I were to bring up this subject, she could set me straight, as in “You may as well forget about a friggin’ blow-job. I don’t do that, and don’t ever bring it up again. Your job is to serve me in any way I want, and you take what I give or choose not to give.”

I could live with that, just that, she has not actually said that. So I am still uncertain about its future.


doll said...

I'd guess your chance of fellatio is slim to nil. If after all these years your lady wife has only done it twice it clearly doesn't appeal to her at all. But you like to be honest so why not start the conversation then you might get a suprise or simply clarification.

Kathy said...

equenborticySometimes, even most of the time, a wife dosen't really understand what her husband needs to be happy.

Even for a married couple it is difficult to have a truly intimate conversation.

When we were young no one ever talked about such things as fellatio. I guess our former president changed that for ever.

One of the things I love about our 'fem/dom' marriage is the feeling of intimacy. When a man kneels naked at his wife's feet, all of his hidden desires, fantasies and needs come out.

After all the years we have been married, it still brings tears to my eyes when John says he loves me.
When he says I especailly love you for being my mistress, it makes you want to do something specail for your man.

Do you ever tell Jane how much you love her. Do you tell her that you love her all the more for being willing to take control of you?

Love, Kathy

Milliscent said...

I agree, if it hasn't happened in so many years it's not likely to start again now.

That said, it never hurts to talk about our desires. Demanding that they be met is another thing entirely.

Taste can be overcome with great 'toppings,' either the kind that come from a local sex shop or the pervertable kind from the corner market.

Fellatio can also be quite femdom oriented, one simply brings ones teeth into play! ;-)


whatevershesays said...

Just ask.