Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not The Ring Trilogy

This is the last one on the ring. I promise. Unless someone requests more. I could not take pictures of the rings together prior to this time because the one I usually wear was in place, and the cage was also in place, which contained the ring. Today MW had me remove the cage. Because of some swelling of the little guy that is caused by the cage, she had me remove the ring also. It took some effort and trickery, but the ring came off. Consequently, I took this opportunity to photograph the twin rings while they were both idle.

In the first picture you see two rings. Both show my reflection with a window behind me as I am using the camera. Of course, I don’t really look like that: because of the concavity of the rings, my image is distorted. The ring on the left is the one MW wears when she chooses to do so. I polish it as necessary. The one on the right is the one I wear whenever she decides, which is much of the time. The rings looked identical originally: both shining silver, almost transparent. MW’s ring retained that feature, whereas the one I wear has developed an attractive irridescent greenish patina, which we chose not to remove.

In the second picture you see the same two rings from a different perspective. They look more real and more substantial. You can see the difference in size, my ring being slightly larger. I have tried to put on her ring once, but after a few minutes of struggle I decided against continuing. I still remember the gold ring that I had to cut off with a bolt cutter before …

Previously I referred to a problem with respect to using this ring. The problem had nothing to do with a metabolic reaction to the metal. Rather, it was a reaction to the physical constraint that the ring imposed. Consequently, a physical change took place in the little guy.

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