Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Real Dominant Woman This Time

Just so you don’t think that I am always negative and critical of blogs (OK, maybe critical), I am presenting you with this evaluation of one whose conclusion is different.

In my previous post I claimed that when a supposedly dominant woman writes her thoughts via a blog, she would present them from her point of view: “Even if she is dominant, and gets into a lot of kink, her interest and emphasis would be on herself, and not be on the man.” This is the criterion I use to decide whether a blog is written by a woman, or a man claiming to be a woman. In contrast to A Year Of Tease And Denial I present you with another link that appears to demonstrate my assertion: The Accidental Domme.

I take a chance on saying that the author of this last blog is real. I look forward to reading what she has to say. The only problem is that I can't leave a comment on her posts. The "word verification" window is presented, but there is no word displayed to enter. Consequently, my comment is not accepted.


Ms. Catherine said...

I am indeed very real! And very can see pics of me on my slave's blog:

You are the second person to complain about not being able to leave a comment!

Susan's Pet said...

Ms. Catherine,

I tried to post a comment on, but I get the same [mis]treatment. My comment entry fails at the same point as in your blog: The word verification wants me to enter a word, but there is no word displayed that I can enter. You and your partner are apparently using the same ISP/blog service, and its service has a bug.