Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Another Male Fantasy

I don’t remember how I acquired this link. It may be my suppressed interest in cuckoldry: C And M. The last post is late last year, so it may be defunct. As interesting as this blog may be to some, it is fake. It is possible that what he writes is loosely based on his actual situation. It is fantasy nevertheless. There are a number of things that point to this conclusion. A real blog may have omissions or repetitions because it is put together chronologically, and is not organized otherwise. However, it should be consistent. In general it relays events as they take place. An invented relationship posed as real may suffer from the same, but since it is not based on chronological events, it is easy to slip and make mistakes.

This is one man’s fantasy gone ape. I don’t begrudge his doing this. I, too, fantasize. Just that, I don’t feel the need to suck vulnerable readers into my fantasies. I would rather write a book and present it as fiction. At least there, credit would be, or not be, given where due.

I guess he ran out of steam in October 2008, which is the last post. If he were real, I would be willing to read the rest and see whether I am right in may assessment, or that I am wrong, and enjoy what he relates. Too bad.

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Thumper said...

I agree that fiction should be labeled as such. I *love* good fiction, but think to present fantasy as reality can only lead to problems for those who have a hard time separating the two on their own.