Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Potential Fake

I have been reading Denying Thumper for a short time. His saga is interesting and is going somewhere. In this particular link I was offered another link to A Year Of Teasing And Denial as a "good budding T/D blog". I went there and read it.

The blog is tasteful, nicely laid out. The writer is not bad as far as grammar and composition go. The situation presented is from the woman’s point of view, which should be an immediately provocative and attractive source for all submissive males. Simply reading the blog turns me on, and I can fall into the feel of the characters.

But from the beginning I had a feeling that a woman would not generally write this. Even if she is dominant, and gets into a lot of kink, her interest and emphasis would be on herself, and not be on the man. The man can still be her center of attention, but from her point of view, rather than his. If this is indeed a woman writing it, she is unusual, perhaps unique in her way to do all the things that a submissive man desires in such a short time: January 2009.

I think that the blog is based on a real relationship, written by the man, but not relaying real events. What he writes is how he would like his relationship to be and to progress. I don’t want to comment more on it for now, because if the writer gets to read my comments, he would try to adjust it to make it seem more real, therefore extend the deception.

Fake blogs always run out of steam for the reason that there is only fantasy behind it. Although fantasy is without limit, one can get bored with repeating it. This is an excellent example, when most of what a submissive man wants is dumped up front. He can get more kinky later, and he would, but most of what he wants had been covered already in a short time. The substance behind it is not there now, neither will it be there later.

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