Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gov'ment 1

The current “economic stimulus package" proposed by our Democrat president and congress hovers around One Trillion Dollars. That means, “1 with 12 zeros after it.” Most of us don't get to handle a check with more than 2 or 3 zeros after the 1. To be truthful, there are three Republican senators who threw in their lot with the Democrats, so this deauchery is not 100 percent all Democrat.

Imagine that you earn $100,000 per year, and are obligated to use all of that to pay off this 1 Trillion dollar debt based on your annual salary. You would have to work for 10 million years if we don't include interest on the loan.

Of course, you would need a second job, because all your $100,000 annual wages would be spent on repaying that debt, and you would need to buy an occasional beer and jerky. Lucky you, that is not a problem. Since you will not live and work for ten million years, someone else will repay it for you.

But for now, you will still pay. So will your children and grand children. Unless of course, you or they don't earn an honest living. Then you would not have to pay. The gov'ment would take care of you.


Anonymous said...


As we have no children, and obviously, no grandchildren, we say, too bad. It makes us happy that we don't live forever.

That being said, largely due to Gary's expertise, we are debt free,
own our home, and I have a super stable job in the health care industry, paying very good money.

Good, well informed choices, and discipline, make for a happy life.


Anonymous said...

Do you suggest the government do nothing to help correct the current economic crisis?

Susan's Pet said...

To paraphrase former president Clinton, "Define nothing". In this case nothing would be better than spending one trillion dollars on things that will not help you or me.

What started this mess was the Clinton era "preferred mortgage" fiasco that compelled private enterprise to grant home loans to people who had no means or incentives to pay for it. The process propagated up the food chain, and over the years, the shit hit the fan.

More government intrusion into how to do business will make things worse. Let people with incentives, education, experience, and knowledge to solve the problem. Politicians don't have those attributes. Stop regulating our lives, stay the hell out of controlling private enterprise.

If that is what you mean by government doing nothing, I say, YES!

Susan's Pet said...

Dear Patty,

I am pleased that you do well in your life. You are the people who form the backbone of our nation, and you should be proud of yourselves.

I caution you, however, as I try to causon all of our voters. My having children and grandchildren make me more selfish. I want to leave them a heritage that they can mold to better things. And there is the rub.

This particular bill incudes nationalized [insert your choice of whatever]. I grew up in a country where the "health care industry" as you said, did not exist. The government there provided health care.

Years later, being in the Uninted States of America, makes me very happy. One of the things I deal with is the high cost of health care. Then again, I have worked all my life to afford it, and it is there and available. In my former life, I had to deal with the government saying, "You are a bad risk, therefore, you don't get the treatment." Which part of that is health care?

Anonymous said...


I was not aware that you were not originally from the good ole USA.
Could I ask where from? The UK?

I, as well as Gary, was brought up in an era where saving and planning were the basis of going forward. Gary keeps me focused on the big and little pictures. I make the money, his charge is to help us keep it. While we are in a FLR, I understand that he, as a trained Economist, knows more about this than I ever will, and therefore I defer to his understanding in this regard.

I can also understand your concern for your children and their heirs. It's a sad state in this land, that we cannot operate on a cash or pay as you go basis. As Gary says, credit is what greases the wheels of the economy, and credit is what greases the slide into oblivion.

I am a Pharmacist, and spend half of my day dealing with insurance issues, rather than counseling patients. Complete insanity.

I love your willingness to post about relevant topics, besides FLR.

To Anon, I say yes, do nothing. In a free market economy, it is imperative for the weak to die, and the strong survive. Gary advises, that throughout our history, government intervention has, for the most part, failed miserably.


Susan's Pet said...


Obviously, in texting, you cannot hear my accent, so you don't know that I am not from an English speaking country. When I arrived inthe USA, my first priorities were to earn a living, and learn English. The rest is history.

About what you say, I think that you have said it well, and I need not add to it.

I am not an anarchist, but a Libertarian by nature. That may explain my occasional ranting about the gov'ment.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if Libertarianism would work today. Things are way out of control, not to mention the greedy, lying businessmen and politicians.

I hope things are going ok for you and your wife.


Anonymous said...

I think Susan should put you on orgasm restriction with a chastity belt for your crazy right wing views.
This crisis wasn't caused by Clinton but by the GOP mantra that govt. isn't the solution, it's the problem so it took all the regulations off these bankers and they ruined the financial system.
Let's just hope that Obama can save the economy.
But I know this will be falling on deaf ears. You GOP wing nuts are all the same. Susan also should ban you from listening to Limbaugh and Hanity and order you to listen to Air American and watch MSNBC.

Susan's Pet said...

Yes Sir or Madam,

I deserve everything that you say should happen to me.

As for the other, well, to each his or her own.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry I flew off the handle with that rant. I should have just stuck to the facts. I didn't think you'd even post it so have to give you credit for that.
Anyway, today a report from Fidelity arrived in the mail, and granted, they're trying to reassure investors who are in a panic, but here's a quote:
"The conventional wisdom is that wall Street tends to embrace fiscally conservative politicians who champion laissez faire policies. Traditionally, that has meant rooting for a Republican. it is therefore quite interesting that the market has not traditionally performed as well under Republicans as Democrats. Since 1945, the S@P 500 gained an average of 10.7 per ccent in each of the 28 years that a Democrat occupied the White House, while the "500'' gained only 6.4 per cent annually in the 36 years that a Republiccan was in office.''
Those are facts.
And, of course, Clinton raised taxes on the rich and created a huge surplus and Bush lowered taxes on the rich and create a huge deficit.
We need Repubicans like Eisenhower and Ford.
OK, you still won't agree but facts are facts and at least I was civil this time.

Milliscent said...


Keep up the libertarian postings. You are 100% right, the government should do nothing, and allow the economy to recover on it's own.

Don't let anonymous posters get you down.