Saturday, August 16, 2008

On the submissive female…

Everything that I do, say, and feel is based on the fact that “I love women.” See Seduction of the Innocent on my blog. My being submissive to females is part of it, but even if I were totally dominant with respect to women my love for them would not change. Think of this in a slightly different context, say, “I love my children.” Do I have to be submissive to them? Not in the least, unless I want to be, or unless I am bent that way. But that does not change my love for them.

I must be very careful when dealing with people. I have touched on this subject at Dispelling a Couple of Myths especially when it could affect others around me. I need to be aware of the charm of the female on my psyche. As if that is not hard enough, I am aging. Aside from the nose hair and other age provided annoyances I have realized that my range of tolerance and appreciation is widening and deepening when it comes to females. Whereas in the past I would have walked past a female of a certain age, regardless of her charms, today I still walk past, but turn around in a couple of seconds pretending to be looking at something I may have just passed, but my full attention is actually on the old broad who just grabbed my attention so to speak.

In my natural stance I am attuned to powerful females more than to those who tend to take second place in a relationship. The second-place position of a woman does not detract from her attractiveness in any way, just that I like to follow a female, and if she herself is following, it is not so clear as to what I do next. I would be willing to work on that problem given the chance.

Taking this from the top so to speak, my preference is to serve a powerful woman. This does not mean that I subscribe to the superiority of just any female (see Female Supremacy Again). It does mean, however, that some females can make me do things that no other female or male could.

Before you get the idea that I will follow a whiff of pussy any time any place (actually you are very close to reality here, but that’s another subject to explore later) I declare that above all I am totally committed to my Mistress Wife. Therefore, following a pussy, regardless of the pheromones or visual stimulation, is not an option unless it is hers. Then I have no choice but to follow.

I consider myself to be a real man. I have a reasonably attractive demeanor, some intelligence, education, and skill in many useful occupations, so I am not including myself in the group of men who think themselves to be so worthless that any female should have the right and opportunity to have them lick the sole of her boot. There is a place for men like that, and I don’t begrudge their position, but that is just not me. Of course, this does not mean that MW could not make me lick anything, any time, anywhere. I am strange that way.

So, do I have a problem with submissive females? Well, I do in a way. Straight from the top, I have a real problem with a female submitting to a male. This is not an aversion such as one would have along racial, sexual, religious, etc. lines. It is purely based on my being protective of females under all circumstances, and I can’t imagine a female being mistreated in any way with my approval or participation. Then again, I have never tried it, so I may have to change my mind about this if or when I encounter it.

You must understand my tremendous self control when I interact with submissive females. MW has a female friend who is totally submissive to her husband. For example, she gives him oral sex almost in total exclusion of all other sex, like in, “she does not get any.” In a way I admire his ability to be able to have her do this, which is something I have never achieved. But that is just my kinky side. If I ever were given the opportunity I would kick his ass and tell him to suck himself, and never force her again. Then again, maybe he is satisfying a deeper need by her to serve. Who knows? I have never discussed this with either of them.

In another context I have shared some comments with a lovely lady who calls herself Doll. In her own words, she is “A Tantalizing Woman.” At the risk of being gauche, I want to say that I would love to meet and give us a chance to become friends. But she is submissive to a man! Oh my, can I handle that? Indeed I can.

There was another woman whom I like because of her real humanity. She had a blog at Good Girl which is no longer posting. She was real, she enjoyed her position, and I love reading her story. Even her husband did not offend me because of my perception that the roles should be reversed. She appeared to really enjoy being submissive, and it was good because it satisfied a woman whom I liked.

So much for my open minded approach. I still have a hard time accepting a female being mistreated in any way even when she unequivocally desires it, like I desire being mistreated by MW. But, “Kink is as kink does.” Suppose (in my wildest fantasy) MW were bisexual and would have a female slave. Suppose she acquired one, and we now would have a three-level relationship. Where would that put me? By choice I would always be on the bottom, but I would, of course, follow MW’s orders and preferences. I would resolve my conflict for the good of all, given that my action or inaction would do no harm. In this situation I would take the fall rather than hurt a person. Not that I am into male to male relationships, but this would go for that too. If MW had the notion of acquiring a male slave, I would still follow her lead.


Urmel said...

SP, I love your deep and unobstructed view. Almost academic.

You offer an interesting perspective on submissive women. As you know what you describe is a challenge that I am facing. Fortunately, I am not facing the challenge to hurt Princess in any way, but some things are coming close.
At the same time I realize, that my protective instincts help me to give Princess what she desires. A strong partner that guides her an, if necessary corrects her; not by force, but by counsel.
Sometimes a D/s relationship is similar to a parent/child relationship. You may not or you may use force. But two thinks are clear. First, the parent is stronger and wiser and must use his/her power to protect the child. Second, sometimes you must hurt your child to prevent greater harm. E.g. any type of invasive medical treatment.

Keep going!

Susan's Pet said...


I admire your adaptation to this role. Knowing that you prefer to sumbit, you are doing great. My first preference aside I would be happy to satisfy my wife in any way she needed.

What I find ironic is that I am so willing to serve her that I could be the sexual and all out dominant if that is what she wanted. It may sound contratictory, but if you really think of it, it makes sense. For example, when a dear female partner agrees to become dominant just to satisfy her male, that is in a very personal way serving her male. Ok, there are degrees of service, but if the whole thing was not serving her needs, then she is just being nice rather than the dominant partner.

I don't remember where I left a comment lately saying that unless the female really needs and wants to be dominant in a partnership, especially outside the bedroom, that relationship is just serving a male's fantasy regardless of how successful it is on the short term.

My relationship is somewhat of this nature since my wife is not naturally dominant, although she loves the power she has over me. Her power is not based on dominance, but on her attraction to me and our shared love. What this means is that I submit to her if or when she wants my submission, the rest of the time I support her in any way that I can.
If I were not such a marshmallow when it comes to females, I would never have wandered off of the vanilla track, and she would never have known her power. When she uses her power, it could move the earth. This is why I have a hard time being patient with extremely stylized female led relationships. Unless the female is the one who really wants it, it may go on for a short time, but it will fizzle out for sure with neither parner satisfied. Oh well!

doll said...

Thank you for your kind words, they make me blush and smile at the same time.

I think whatever the position of man or woman in a D/s relationship it requires respect and affection otherwise I just think it is abusive. In my own I have come to the conclusion that we are two partners in a dance, it is carefully choreographed and follows some classical steps. It is called a D/s relationship but neither partner can perform without the other.

I was in kmart the other day and caught a Greek man looking at me, then he casually turned and started walking in the opposite direction, yes it cheered up my ego as I recognized the manouver and knew that as soon as I passed he would start to follow behind.

doll said...

When I started reading submissive male blogs I was horrified by the attitudes on some that I read. The promotion of women to some mythical status and the expectation that what the male wanted to do to show his devotion should surely be desirable to all women once they are enlightened.

I haven't detected this on female submissive blogs, we still retain an understanding that there is The Man and there are men. If relationship fails to meet the submissives needs or turns abusive we walk. I personally would not enter into a marriage on the basis of male dominance/female submission and when that proposition was recently put to me it made me think very seriously about what I would and would not accept.

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

I seldom read submissive female blogs for the reasons that I already stated. I am still not up to date on your latest posts, so I may not comment on them until later.

Your blog is special among other submissive female writings: you write well. I assume that you could write about anything and I would still enjoy it. The content and context of your blog are provocative. Your photographs get and keep my attention. Given all that, I continue with pleasure.