Friday, August 29, 2008

Start Of Another Vacation For Mistress Wife

The Last Few Days

I have related to you the vacation and the two days after that Vacation. Aside from MW forcing me to wear the CB2000 this time, not much has happened. She was a bit distracted again about some upcoming events. I will talk about the more pleasant ones and skip the others.

I know that we just had a vacation a couple of weeks ago, but she had another planned earlier in the year, and somehow there was not a good way to re-schedule it. I have mentioned some of her female friends before, and how MW arranges a nice few day’s stay at some resort for the three or four of them including MW. This was one of those occasions. The resort this time was near home, so she planned to have me serve them in many ways.

Two days prior she had me install Kali’s teeth just for her fun and enjoyment. It is not an impressive device unless you already know the details (see Kali). I suffered for two nights with the infernal hardons that feel like some animal is chewing off the little guy. On the third day I was to drive her to the resort and help her and friends to move in. I again loaded the Beast and we met her friends where MW rented a three-bedroom condo for the week. Nice place. She chose to keep me with her in the Mistress suite overnight. I, of course, did the kitchen wench detail suitably impressing her friends. Not that I am so good, but her friends are not used to seeing a good man doing the right thing.

After dinner the four of us lounged in the living room. There was wine, interesting movie, many bare female legs. My favorite, of course, was the pheromones. MW does not flaunt me before her friends, and in fact, forbids me to do anything with them unless she specifically tells me to do something, such as carry their luggage or apply lotion to a foot or two. Yes, I get away with a greeting or departing hug and occasional deep kiss (very deep). But all that is just sort of friendly rather than blatantly sexy. They don’t really know that I am so pussy-whipped by MW, but I am sure they have an idea that our relationship is not exactly vanilla. After all, what average male would clean up after dinner and remain pleasant, entertaining, courteous, and sexy as hell. Ok, maybe not that sexy, but you get the picture.

These females (not including MW) are nocturnal, so it goes without saying that they will stay up late, whereas I pass out early. I stayed with them watching the movie until about 9:30. I excused myself, showered, and went to bed. The little piece of plastic goodie wrapped around my little guy began to give me a real hard time around 1AM. It was bad enough that I had to get out of bed and just walk around thinking of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton together. I think I was OK when I imagined them driving over the edge of …

Sorry about that, just a bit of perversion on my part. I have this thing against lawyers in general. In any case, the little guy settled down and I went back to sleep. That is, until about 1:30. At that point even the lawyer thoughts were no help, so I needed to get into some real serious stuff like Bill Clinton, but without Monica et. al. At some point I had to throw in Al Gore, and that worked. I recalled a photograph that one of my sons acquired. It showed Slick Willie and Algore in leather bondage gear with Algore wearing handcuffs. I am sure that the photo was not genuinely depicting their situation at the time. Algore is too damned serious for that. After this point I could actually go back to sleep. Until about three. The little fugger got me up again. At that point it was no use trying again. I am sure that I was being punished for my irreverent thoughts, as useful as they had been.

MW was showering after her exhausting night of joy with her friends. I waited until her return when we talked and she wanted to cuddle. That was great, except that it did things to the little guy again, so there I was in agony, being punished again for my sinful thougths agains great political leaders.

MW was very understanding, heh-heh, and let me get out of bed to make some coffee for myself while she settled down for some serious sleep.

I returned to the dining room and started coffee. While it was brewing I set up my laptop computer and bought a week’s time of wireless Internet. As much as I liked the place, they did not provide free access, so it’s either pay or suffer. Nobody wants to be without Internet. Oh, sure, I could go to the lobby and hog their computer there while trying to cover the monitor with my body. Yeah, right! I would rather suffer.

Over the next few hours I did some work, some play, some reading, and some writing. I consumed a lot of caffeine in the form of my evil black brew. A minute before 8AM I entered the Mistress bedroom and dropped my shorts to join MW in bed. The little guy again raised hell, and we suffered, but that could not be helped, and was wort it. Snuggling up to MW’s butt does things to both of us: juicy fun with stiff accompaniment. Well, this time, it was just a pain in the cock. She enjoyed it, but only in a perverse way. At least, that is what I perceived.

I made more coffee that we shared in bed. After coffee one thing led to another, and I made a comment, “I could just eat you.”

I say that a lot…

“Yes you could.” She answered.

I am usually dense when it comes to hints, but this time I decided to take a chance, and began to shimmy down south. I knew I was on the right track when she parted her legs and my face encountered a very wet pair of beautifully fragrant lips.

As much as I like to be down there, I need to breathe, and the position of my neck demands an unusual amount of stress, which tends to cut off the blood supply to my head. Passing out under the circumstances is not a good thing, so I do what is necessary. Without going to a lot of detail, I will say that there is an easy solution to the awkward position: turning around into a so-called "69 position." This is not to suggest that I expect reciprocation from MW, although I would not refuse it. More like it is a natural position for me. I am not actually on the top. She is on her back, I often get up on my knees and support myself with one or two elbows while our lips and other juicy parts connect. I can go on for hours in that position if she wants me to do so. I wish…

I began with enthusiasm and I think that even a novice lover of nether lips would have done well, considering how juicy and ready she was. It must have been all the communal pheromones lingering since the evening before. I have heard that with women living together when one is menstruating, often the others will do so. This was not menstruation, but you get the idea.

With a little help from a couple of my fingers she arrived at what I perceived to be a very satisfactory conclusion to a lovingly executed situation. Make that two or three. Oh my goodness! She was delicious in all ways. Yes, the little guy was hurting, and it was just a bit distracting, but I was willing to suffer anything to give my MW a good time, and she was gracious enough to allow me the chance.

I did not want to wash my face afterward, but she insisted since we were not alone in the condo. To me her scent is heaven. To her after such an event it is “Love juice seasoned by the passage of time, not to be shared by straights.” Pity.

We had more coffee, as if I needed it, and then she booted me out of the place since I had work to do at home, and she needed to get on with her week’s vacation with friends. Kali is still wrapped around the little guy, and I am to join her in three days for a barbecue that I am to provide at that time. I feel really abused. Please feel sorry for me.

Meanwhile I am to enjoy her remote control pain over me via Kali. Why do I get myself into these situations?

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