Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Matter Of Communication ...

I have introduced and then referred to the signaling device a number of times such as in A Sunday Morning. The device itself is insignificant, but can be as much pain in the balls as a hard plastic chastity device. The features, reactions, and purpose are different, but still are an almost constant discomfort and occasionally serious pain.

For some years now I have been up early to begin my day hours before MW does hers. What I do in this twilight interval is not relevant to this post. However, I do like to connect with her when she is ready to be up. The signaling device has been an almost 100% reliable way to get my attention when she is ready some hours later. She wakes and looks at the clock. It is too early for her, so she goes back to sleep. At some point she is awake again, and decides that it is time to begin her day. She reaches for the controlling device hanging on the wall next to her bed. She pushes the button closest to the end, and the rest is up to me. It is such a simple act on her part, that even in half sleep, which she had done many times, it works.

Some other reasons for her to summon me during these times may show up occasionally in the form of furry creatures who need to be tossed from her bed so that she can be comfortable. I am not talking about vermin although from time to time they may be considered such. Cats generally. We keep our big dogs outside so that they can protect us from vermin of two or four-legged variety.

You might think that the arrangement is equitable and satisfactory to both of us. With her being in charge I am sure that it is. With me being the executor of her arbitrary will, I have some issues.

I often make very strong and very hot coffee in the early morning hours while I bide my time away from MW. If she senses a five hundred pound immovable mass behind her butt that she wants me to move, she will reach for her controller and push the button. All that is appropriate. However, the result of the controller’s message to the device that I wear around my very private parts is a jolt. Combine that with sipping hot coffee and you could see a potential problem. Yes, I could skip the coffee, but I would still experience the jolt. MW is not really perverse, just a little on the appreciative side of the sounds I make inadvertently as a result. She says that she would miss it if we did not do this thing.

Some time ago I bought some home communication devices that are entirely conventional. No zapping of private parts is suggested, or even possible without extreme modification of the basic units. They are like the old-fashioned “intercom” units where one pushes a button to talk, and then releases it to listen. I thought that these would be perfect under our circumstances. Alas, MW misses the maniacal scream that I provide with the signaling device. As I said, the intercom is strictly benign. Whether or not I will continue with the intercom, or resume the use of the signaling device remains to be seen. Anyone with a suggestion?

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