Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Old Issue To Lay To Rest

A few days ago I posed a question: “Should I switch to using an intercom or continue with the signaling device that allows MW to summon me on a painful moment’s notice?”

Well, you out there have not said a word, which had not helped me at all. I must assume that you don’t give a you-know-what. Meanwhile I have do deal with reality. As most of us relatively sane participants in life know, sometimes “Reality hits the fan.”

It was a bit before sunrise that I went to see why MW has not summoned me via the intercom. She was sitting in front of her computer beating the hell out of the keyboard as part of typing something meaningful.

“You are up. You did not summon me,” I stated the obvious.

“The thing didn’t work,” she answered.

“Maybe it needs to be turned on.” I went to the intercom and checked. Sure enough, it was not turned on. “Any chance that you could turn the knob before you try to summon me? I asked.

“There is no knob on the controller that I tried,” she responded while holding the controller to the signaling device between us.

“Oh.” I kind of got her meaning even before she applied a technique we used in karate. It was called, “squeezing the peach.”

So, all of you silent readers, may rest assured that your answers are no longer considered in the decision. MW made it, and I am back to wearing the [frigging] signaling device. Ouch.


Wayne said...

Hey, give me a chance here, I just found your blog and am reading it from the start. I vote for you having to wear your signaling device and as punishment for coming up with the stupid intercom idea she turn the device up to a painful number for a week. (you lucky dog)

TheHappyCuckold said...

If I were in your position it would have been a simple decision as to which device she used - I would say she has made the correct decision - I quite envy you!

whatevershesays said...

Well, in my defense, I was on vacation.

I don't like the intercom for two reasons. First, she can't carry it around. And second, it's public. The idea of a secret jolt to summon you is much more appealing if it was me.

Susan's Pet said...

Wayne and Happy,

I am glad you are not the ones with the controller in hand. My wife pushes the button and wants to hear my involuntary yelp. I am about 50 feet away in another room. If I don't respond immediately, she ups the power and tries again, then forgets to turn it down. You can see how this develops.


Yes, it is private, but it is sometimes awkward to explain, or even to pretend that all is well when I let out this yelp in the company of others. You can see that there is no dignified way around it.

whatevershesays said...

Not that I want you to have pain but your comment made me laugh.

I can just picture everyone just sitting around then you with a startled yelp. Maybe it's the word "yelp" that made me laugh.

Susan's Pet said...

I tend to be very stoic and react logically to startling situations. However, this is entirely involuntary. You just have to be there to hear it. Better yet, experience it first hand.

I often tell my wife that she should be sure not to use the device when I am handling delicate equipment, such as a gun, a priceless piece of china, or a hot cup of coffee.