Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dinghy

Our navy is capable of removing entire countries from the face of the earth, yet it is handicapped with indecision and political correctness from the top down to the lowest rank.

Can anyone tell me why it is impossible to extract a hostage held by four cutthroats in a rubber boat? I am no expert, but any non-commissioned officer could organize a rescue party, and take care of this situation. Has anyone heard of concussion grenades? Or a hoist to lift the dinghy from the water and plop it down on the deck with a number of guns pointing at it? Could not our Navy Seals move in and scuttle the dinghy so that these criminals’ first concern would be breathing rather than ransom? What the hell is so difficult about this?

Next thing we know our spineless government will set up an embassy in Somalia and begin negotiations with pirates. We will apologize to them for being in their waters, and admit that they have a legitimate business of kidnap and extortion for money. Then we will give them foreign aid so that they no longer will have to risk their lives on such a dangerous carrier. Our navy will give them a ride back to shore.

Sheesh, is not anybody in charge here? I don't think that Mr. Obama needs to handle this himself. This is a simple police action on the high seas, and the Navy can take care of it. The problem is, Mr. Obama is not handling it, and is apparently not allowing anyone else to handle it. What is he going to do when something really bad happens, such as trying to deal with the North Koreans or the Iranians? Is he going to apologize again and hope that they will not be too angry with us?

If this is a precedent for how this administration is handling situations, we are doomed.


whatevershesays said...

It isn't just a rowboat. The pirates are in a large self enclosed life raft (from the Captain's ship). It is one of the really good ones that can flip around upside down in a storm. My point is that the Navy can't even see the captain so going in guns a blazing won't work. And lets just say they picked it up and plopped it on the deck and the pirates shoot the captain in the head. You'd complain and ask why didn't they just wait them out?

Now as far as the US administration being gutless....are you one of the 9 people left on the planet that thinks Bush was a good President? And I suppose by spineless you mean sending more troops into know trying to find the guy that had something to do with 9-11 not say going into Iraq.

Susan's Pet said...

We don’t have to agree on the subject. Because your comment was made politely, it deserves a polite response.

You are a bit off the subject with Afghanistan and GWB.

I was a bit sarcastic about the dinghy and know that it is more than just a rubber boat. But the rest of what I said stands.

I admit that I don’t have all the information on this situation. However, negotiating with pirates is counterproductive. The only reason pirates do what they do is because they get away with it. If suddenly they were to find out that they were wrong, there would be fewer incidents. Dead pirates are not only harmless, but they serve to others as an example of the dangers of the trade.

The ship’s captain knew that his life was in the hands of the pirates, and a rescue attempt may end it. I don’t take it lightly. Yet, I am convinced that the only way to deal with pirates is to kill them. The captain gave us a chance to rescue him, and we flubbed it. So your expert opinion about the veracity of the dinghy is irrelevant. This is not a situation for political correctness or pussyfooting. The pirates would become very cooperative if suddenly they would have to tread water to keep their lips above the water line. A gun in their hands would just get in the way of their breathing.

Any two-bit hoodlum now thinks that he can extort anything from us, and he is right. That is, until he meets us head-on without the slimy lawyers, spineless politicians, and weepy feel-good cowards keeping us from doing the right thing.

Milliscent said...


It does seem that in this we are going horribly backward in this nation when it comes to piracy.

I seem to recall from my history books that our founding fathers got fed up with pirates and eventually took decisive action.

I'm with you. The US Navy should put an end to this nonsense now.


Ms. Rayne said...

I think a new policy is required to deal with piracy. The current one doesn't seem to be working. THis is has been an ongoing situation for over a year. But, lets hear it for the Navy SEALs!

s said...

For 8 years I listened to left-wingnuts find any fault possible with President Bush. No matter what the man did, you could be sure they would find the least charitable interpretation possible and run with it.

Now it's payback time, isn't it? It's time for the right-wingers to go out of their way to bring down and discredit the President, even attacking his intentions ("he's a socialist"), his very decency.

God help us. This absurd fear each side has of the other is ruining us. We're so consumed with 'us versus them' that we can't even acknowledge decency in each other.

It's your blog, and I'm a guest. You're always civil and polite, even to guests that aren't. But personally, I liked your blog a log more when it wasn't part of this nonsense. I wish you'd get back to your excellent writing about your marriage.

Susan's Pet said...


I promise to lighten up, and come up with something more relevant to my FLR. We are hanging in there, but I did not think that my contributions were all that interesting in view of the few kinks that I offered.

Miss AJ said...

Piracy on the high seas is nothing new. Before the Somalian pirates there were the Liberian pirates, possibly that is still the case on the west side of Africa.

But why do you think it the Americans responsibility to rid the high seas of pirates? The time for the US to be the custodian is passing. I await the Chinese navy to solve the piracy problem on the east coast of Africa given how much trade the Chinese do with Africa and how much weaponry the Chinese have sold to them.

Susan's Pet said...

Dear Miss AJ,

Your question and statements merit more space than I can allot here. Please read my next post on "vermin".