Friday, April 3, 2009

Who Says FLR Is All About Sex?

Great Kate seems to have FLR figured out. If you want to know the details, check out It didn't happen over night. At least, she has figured out the sex part pertaining to the dominant woman, and oh, by the way, to the submissive man.

First I want to say that I see nothing wrong with her view … as long as it works. Most would-be submissive men would love to serve a woman such as she. The reason I really like her approach is that she admits, maybe not in so many words, “FLR is about sex.” Primarily about her sex, and then the spillover about his sex. Everybody is happy.

This is what I have been saying all along. It a may be a great and wonderful thing to serve a deserving woman in all ways: cleaning her toilet, doing her laundry, washing her car, keeping her house spotless, etc. It is a worthy cause as long as she appreciates it. But, nothing happens in vacuum, whereas everything else happens in some loaded space: “FLR is about sex,” and don’t you forget that.

This is what Great Kate says. She does not exactly distill her view into such few words, but you can figure it out quickly. Without the sex component the relationship will last only for a while, until one gets tired of serving or the other gets tired of responding to whiney submissives. But while it lasts, damn, it can be a blast.


Ms. Catherine said...

You echo my thoughts exactly.

I prefer a FLR which has evolved organically out of both partner's desires, needs and a true caring for each other.

When all is said and done, I want a partner who is happy in his role and with whom I can stand to spend my time.

Milliscent said...

I must agree. Female dominated relationships are about sex. Even those in which sex is not allowed are at their core about sex.

Without eroticism is is simply servitude, in the worst sense of the word.