Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Driver, Baggage Handler, etc.

I mentioned earlier that MW had reserved a few days’ stay at a nearby resort for herself and two lady friends. Her purpose is to give these two females a chance to relax, something that they would not do themselves. The resorts that she arranges are not extravagant by any expectation, but they are way above the average hotel or condominium. They are usually in picturesque setting, mostly out of the city, and are well serviced with respect to cleaning and other amenities. The staff is accommodating, there are activities available, and usually beautiful scenery to see and visit.

Yesterday morning, after I finished my chores, I was expected to load MW’s luggage into the Beast. When done, we waited till noon to begin the trip. I showered and put on my traveling clothes. As I was leaving the bedroom MW waylaid me and pointed to the MCD (AKA, “Kali’s Teeth Bracelet) that she left on a silver tray on the bed.

I have mentioned this device before in We Are Playing Again. It looks innocent, but you just have to be there. It was obvious that she expected me to put it where it belonged. As she watched I installed it and snipped the extraneous end of the plastic tie. I also slipped the small side cutters into my pocket after I pulled up my pants again.

MW does not like to drive. Whenever I am available she has me to drive her car. She also likes to take a lot of baggage. Not so much as too many clothes, but an eclectic assortment of items that relate to what she does at home, and what she likes to do when that is all she has to do. Over the years she has streamlined her options, and they are now down to a couple of big items, such as suitcases, and several smaller bags.

After handling some chores in town, we headed to her friend Beatrice’s condo. Her friends live, with respect to us, at points of a triangle whose sides are on the order of 30 to 50 miles. Upon arrival I was “asked” to bring up some items from Beatrice’s car, which I did. After that I carried and loaded several bags and boxes into the Beast. Beatrice was to drive her car to Laura’s house, from where the two of them would travel to the resort to join MW and me.

MW and I set off toward our target, and had a pleasant drive. I did a lot of fidgeting because of the device on my very private part. Normally, in my natural state I can live with it, hardly know that it is there. But those rows of evil little teeth can cause pain from mild to severe. “How? you might ask.” Well, she can squeeze it, hit it with a crop, or play with my tits, and a lot of other things. Once the little guy erects, he is relentlessly determined to cause me pain. But that was not the case this time. I wore tight undershorts with tight Levi’s while sitting in a vehicle with seat belt on for a couple of hours. After a while fidgeting was justifiable.

We made one pit stop where I could adjust the works so it did not hurt so much, and then moved on toward our destination. Upon arrival we checked in, and drove to our two-bedroom unit with a studio apartment. Beatrice and Laura were there already. After messing with the magnetic keys for a while we called the host to send someone over to open the studio where MW and I were to stay. The others were to share the main floor.

Meanwhile I moved in the luggage, although Beatrice was very kind to move most of hers into the unit during this time.

Once in, the ladies decided to implement their plan to go to town for groceries to last for the week. MW knew already that I just wanted to relax, so she graciously allowed me to stay. She even suggested that I have a drink. That was fine with me. The three of them left in Laura’s SUV. I poured myself a double Scotch, took off my shoes, and settled down with a book. Upon finishing the Scotch I poured some dry white wine, and then checked the place around the building. I found where the barbecue area was, and where MW and I could sit early in the morning to watch the stars and satellites. I also took some pictures of the of which I show one.

The second hour of their departure came and went. By this time I had been up and active for seventeen hours, and without a meal for the last eight. I felt annoyance gnawing in my empty stomach. I had more wine.

Some three hours after their leaving they returned. MW looked a little apprehensive as she approached me. I must have looked pissed. After some verbal exchange she said, “Please don’t show your anger with them.” I knew exactly what she meant. She was sweet enough to offer to fix me a plate of food. I declined, explaining that, if they were to have dinner together, I would be happy to eat with them. At that point all was well. Sort of …

Each lady bought her own delicatessen food and other items, and the dining room table was covered with deliciousness. And I am not referring to the participating ladies at this point. The food was good, and I think I may have been convincing in my pleasant demeanor. After some red wine I was really all right.

The evening wore on, and I did not volunteer my cleanup services. MW did not force it, so I excused myself to retire. MW followed me into the studio later. She mentioned that she will attend to my ass, no matter how late she decides to come to bed. I accepted that, since we both signed up to her being right no matter what, and then maybe ask questions later.

I showered, and went to bed. Passed out real soon. She came in at some point, and I knew that she was going to whip me with the little metallic flogger. The one that is essentially silent if we ignore the sounds I make. She may have felt guilty, for she let me go back to sleep.

I think it was around midnight when she returned to join me. She grabbed the MCD-clad little guy and I gasped in pain. He was at his best. “Oh my,” she commented. “Would he like to be released?”

“I don’t know what he thinks, but I would very much appreciate it.”

“Then cut it off. Where is the cutter?”

“In my pants’ pocket.”

I assumed that she meant to cut the plastic tie, not the little guy. I got up to get the tool, and came over to her to see as I snipped it. The pain was momentarily overwhelming, but not lasting. I thanked her, and we lay down on the bed. She turned to me, and drew my face to her wondrous breasts.

I slept fairly well, but was up by 3:15, ready to face the day. The problem was the one-room accommodation. She was still in bed, and I was trying to make coffee for myself in the kitchenette. With all sounds quiet, any noise I made was loud. At some point I disturbed her enough where she asked me what the noise was. Being very careful, I managed to make coffee, set up my computer in the dark, and sat down to do some work.

Just before five she woke again, and we talked. I made coffee for both of us, put on some warm clothes, and went outside to see stars as we sipped coffee. Later on I set up the computer to connect to the Internet, and showed her how to put on a show using the pictures on a CD and a USB device. She prepared breakfast of some excellent deli items while I made coffee. After breakfast we talked, but we both knew that I had to leave. Her friends were still sleeping as we parted after my kissing the inside of her right thigh. I would have loved to stay and do more, but knew that the situation was not ready for that.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful life !
But where can we get one of those KTBs. My wife and I have looked all over the web for kalis teeth bracelet, but cant find a seller.

Susan's Pet said...

Glad you like it. Try