Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Women Are Not That Supreme

Repeat after me, “Female supremacy is not the same as women in charge!”

Every once in a while I read a comment or a blog posting by some starry-eyed schmuck who is all ready for becoming the subject of female supremacy. To him any female is superior, and any male is inferior.

Even in my fantasy, which is quite capable, I can’t imagine living with that. Somehow I cannot be so chauvinistic.

I am sure, that all of you have seen examples of women who exhibited less than superior attitude, capability, demeanor, intelligence, etc. Of course, the above-mentioned starry-eyed schmucks tend to overlook that and stay within their limited minds thinking, “When women take over, all will be well.”

In law enforcement I have been exposed to situations that most of the civilians could not and would not touch with a ten-foot pole. After all, they call us to take care of the emergency situation. Trust me, I have not seen a clear demonstration of female superiority over all these years except in very few individual cases.

I also worked as a professional in the civilian sector for years, and dealt with coworkers, bosses, customers, and CEOs of both genders. They were well educated, and capable. However, being female did not come with God’s endowment of superiority in that venue either. I encountered assholes of both genders in about the same proportion as their respective population in the work force.

A more recent experience I had was when I took my pound-puppy to the veterinarian for some tests and inoculations that were due. He is a sixty-pound bundle of joy who will lick my face at any opportunity, and would share my bed if I let him. He is also fierce with intruders and those who have not been introduced to him by me or my wife. When at the vet, I held him on a leash with a choke chain, which is the only semi-humane confinement that works with him due to the huge neck that he has and the force he can exert. In the waiting room, I had him at the end of his leash as he lounged on the floor. A woman came in and sat on one of the chairs about four feet from my dog. She had a small mutt in her lap. The mutt had a hyperactive attitude, and began to bark at my dog right away. My dog stood and studied the pair without getting closer. He showed some teeth, but I think he was just smiling, for there was no menacing growl accompanying.

The woman snarled, “Take care of your damned dog, he is bothering us!”

I assessed the situation, and reeled in my pup by about a foot, giving the woman five feet of space between us. The woman’s little dog continued to whine and bark irritating the staff, the humans, and the feline and canine patients. I figured that she would have enough after a while, and step outside to wait her turn with the vet. Not so. She continued, “Hold your damned dog. I’ve had about enough of him, dammit!” She went on making similar but increasingly more abrasive comments including profanity.

I gave her a meaningful look, but did nothing otherwise. My dog sat down and mostly ignored the situation. My turn came at the counter with the receptionist, so I stood, and interrupted  the woman's bitching, “I heard you the first time,” with a voice that I use effectively as officer presence in law enforcement. I was hoping that she would realize how irritating she has been behaving and would stop. That really set her off, and she resumed with increased profanity, with her stupid little mutt supporting her attitude at high volume. One of the staff went to her and tried to talk her into going into one of the examination rooms. The woman was almost out of control, yelling, “So, now you’re putting me in timeout?” but she went with the staff after all. When the door closed, the half dozen people all looked relived and somewhat amused.

This long short story demonstrates that a person is not superior because of some magic that her chromosomes perform at conception. A person is superior only by what she or he does under some circumstances that the rest of us would be unable or unwilling to do.

If you think otherwise, I hope that you will not become disillusioned when you encounter a person like the one I just described, and you are the recipient of her ill-mannered stupidity. Then again, maybe you will orgasm at the verbal abuse she gives you. Of course, that does not make her superior; rather, it makes you inferior.


m said...

Great post!

Miss Jaye said...

The story about the woman her dog made me laugh. I own two large dogs: a Great Dane and an English Mastiff. At 5 months old the Dane stood as tall as me at 5'3 when he stood on his back legs. I was training him at a park one day when he decided to "mount" me from behind to prove his alpha status. I flipped him onto the ground, pinned him beneath me and "mounted" him. He became submissive. A man noticed and commented on how effectively I dominated my dog. During my discussion with him regarding training large dogs, I couldn't help but think - and this is not to compare men and dogs - that dominating men is not so different. But as you said, either a woman has the instinct/personality/attitude (fill in the blank as you'd like) to be dominant or she doesn't. If she is dominant it is evident in her actions, not in her gender.

Susan's Pet said...

Miss Jaye,

I was hoping that you would not take offense at my reply to your prior comment. Apparently I am still on your reading list. Thank you.

First about your flipping that huge Dane: I would have liked to see it. I doubt that I would have had the nerve to do that myself. I conjure up a funny scene in my mind seeing you on top of him. The man who commented to you, I bet he wished to be in that dog’s place; of course, you gave no indication of that. I just know how some men think when seeing a woman in charge like that.

Your comment of “…dominating men is not so different,” may be right on target. With me submitting to a strong female has all to do with logical and psychological domination. My mind is my primary sexual organ. That is not to say that I don’t wish to feel her discipline and force from time to time in a physical power exchange relationship. The other side of this is how some men really wish to be forced into a submissive relationship by a woman who relies on physical skill and power, as you did with your Dane.

Just one more point on my posting, and it has nothing to do with your comment. Being female should not automatically put one into a superior (or supreme) position over males as wished by some. It would be as wrong as being white would put one into a superior position over other races. But then, you understand that.

Nice chatting with you.

anna louise said...

I agree with your point that supremacy is not the same as being in charge.I spend my whole day being in charge but that doesn't make me superior of my male counterparts.Personally i'd of probably got someone to take the dog to the vet's for me,men do have some uses.
However if any of your male readers think that all females are supreme then head on over to me,nothing nicer than a devoted man at my feet.:)

Susan's Pet said...

Oh, anna louise,

I can imagine being at your feet ...

Alas, my wife would not allow it. Still, it is a nice thought.

Anonymous said...

Great post, couldn't agree with your more.

On another note, just think, some poor bastard has to go home at night to that women with the dog, I pity him (or her).