Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ultimate Of Creation

I am not a fatalist.

I am not one who thinks that women are superior.

I am not one who thinks that men are inferior.

I am not promoting creationism versus evolution.

Yet, I feel that the female gender has the key to ultimate survival of the human, whatever the product would be at that point. My conclusion is biological.

Let’s face it, men inseminate, and then go away while women carry the subsequent burden to procreate. I get inversely claustrophobic thinking about having a parasite invade me for nine months and then punish me terribly to be done with me upon exit. And then for the next twenty years punish me more for my succumbing to the charm of the cock. I could learn to hate cocks.

In a weird pseudo-science-fiction we think of men as unnecessary and dying for lack of use and need. The reason is, women have all that they need to survive as species. The horny thing of insemination by a male could be arranged by some other means. As for the female’s yearning for a male’s cock, well it is somewhat like today’s shunning of homosexuality. The explicit need can be overcome by the use of artificial means. If it is not, there would be the female sex police to punish any woman who thinks of the real male member. You know, very much like today’s Sharia in the extreme as many women have already figured that out: “You will have your clitoris whacked off if you think of a male sporting a cock that is unencumbered with painfully restricting hardware, unless it is your husband, who can and will do anything to you.”

Don’t take me wrong. I value my position in life in relationship and in society. I am man, I am magnificent, I am to be feared and respected. Yes, I get old and frail, and then die. But I have made my positive contribution. There are some women who have appreciated knowing me, and would love to have me fill in for their dildoe from time to time. Well, maybe not all that, but still, I have done much good in life, and I want to be paid for it! About being superfluous forget that. Any self-respecting woman would love to have my cock to use as she pleases. Note that I did not say, “to fuck her with”, but just to use. I wish. Of course, there are some women who are not really self respecting, or have no respect for anyone. They go out of their way to demean and destroy themselves and anyone who has any use for men. It is a shame. Their viral thinking may take seed and germinate to produce virulent destruction of the sane members of the species.

On the long run, we don’t know how this will turn out. If I had to guess, sane females will survive. Males may end up kept as toys, but otherwise sterile and unnecessary. I will not be there to see it.

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