Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakfast In Bed

I may be running out of ideas with which I can titillate your prurient mind. I know this is not a controversial issue. Breakfast in bed appears to be highly coveted by some. I make this comment based on what I have read, not what I have experienced. Typically in an FLR, the man would serve his object of love with breakfast in bed. The effort would be appreciated, even more, expected!

MW and I are different. Actually, we are more than different. We are odd. She, and I associate breakfast in bed with being bedridden. After all, if we are well enough to get out of bed, it is much more comfortable, more hygienic, more expedient to sit at a table, or even on the floor, to eat a meal. In bed you have to be concerned with not moving much to avoid spilling liquids from a cup or glass staged on a tray, which in turn is balanced on an unstable mushy platform. Then someone must come along and clean the mess anyway, for you can’t avoid crumbs and drips no matter how carefully you eat.

The other thing is, sitting in bed while eating off a tray is just damned uncomfortable. You are limited almost as if you were in bondage. Maybe that is the attraction to some. As much as we both appreciate some aspects of bondage, this is not it.

This is not to say that we don’t have snacks, coffee, and such, in bed. We do often, and it is enjoyable, but limited in scope. We find it great to sit in bed watching a movie while eating ice cream, drinking coffee, or munching on some fruit. Even an occasional slice of cake with tea is great, in spite of the crumbs that I would have to sweep off the sheet afterward.

As long as you are not too ill to eat at a table, I would like to know what you get out of eating a meal in bed. Is it some kind of rare treat? Is it something that satisfies a craving for service? Is it just decadence that your servant supports for you? Am I missing some pleasure here?


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

You are quite right about the practical considerations. Though I very much enjoy serving Her Majesty in bed it's pretty rare that I bring her bacon, eggs and toast. When I cook a full meal for her she usually comes downstairs to eat. That said I bring her coffee in bed without fail and on the weekends often ascend the stairs carrying a tray with toast and jam or cereal and fruit. She very much enjoys being served in this fashion.

doll said...

I was lying in bed this morning very much wishing I could send the male beside me out to the kitchen to bring back coffee and toast. We could have had some refreshment and then continued the cuddling snuggled under the covers. I don't think I stand much chance of training him ;-)

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

I am not a subservient man. I don't submit to females or males. I submit only to my wife on the occasions when she wants it so (I wish it were more often). However, even if I were not so, she could ask me to do that, and I would lovingly do it for her. I do this because we share a bond.

I suppose that I could have a new or short term relationship under different circumstances where my female partner would suggest that I bring her breakfast in bed. I try to be a gentleman. Serving a deserving lady is imperative. Even if she is a bitch, under the circumstances I would comply with grace and pleasant demeanor.

I think that you may not have been wisely selective with your male companions if you cannot get this simple but pleasant treatment that should be willingly given to a lovely woman like you. Even if you were homely, a gentleman should do this for you.

Another One said...

If it's a marriage with kids, a strong attraction of being served in bed is having a break for the chaos of kids. Sunday morning, having just coffee and toast brought to the bed, while the kids are out of site and being tended to by the husband, well, I can see the strong attraction to that.

I think it's less about the meal than it is about rare break from the daily grind.

Susan's Pet said...

I agree wholeheartedly about doing something nice for my wife, be it breakfast in bed or just coffee as long as she wants it. Being free of the children for a short time is also a gift that I can give to her. But I give her many other gifts. I drive her to places where she wants to go. I clean the house. I always wash the dishes. I make phone calls for her when she would rather not deal with people.

I am not trying to look like a perfect husband. Just that, it is the little things like this that on the long run make the difference. Oh, and the other thing is, she does not have to work for a living, just enjoy it. We both get off on that.