Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiresius Knows

If any of you recognize this moniker, you are old, like I am. Tiresius Knows was a column in Nugget, a magazine to which I subscribed. The writer was a male predecessor of the transgender generation. Transvestite does not describe him. He was a woman wannabe without the modern tools. He dated as we did, but had preferences that we generally did not. You know, “Boys will be girls.” The above is a shot from Nugget. Click on it to read the text.

By the way, I have a few years’ magazines with full color to sell, if you are interested.

I read his column because I felt that he needed someone out here who cared. Aside from that, I was interested in how the other side felt. Sure, there were respondents to his column, but most were needy as in, “please, can you help me with this problem?” The respondents were similar to his ilk: trans-sexual wannabies, cross-dressers, transvestites, etc. Some were hairy and ugly as far as a woman were to be appreciated. The “then politically correct vocabulary” was brutal. Tiresius Knows accepted all questions with equanimity. He answered from his vast knowledge and experience with compassion. Still, on the long run, the magazine, which hosted his column, canned him. At some point, he was no longer there.

It is strange that I cared for all this. I enjoyed the magazine for it had stories and photos of prurient interest not too weird, yet provocative. He was a steady support of the males who did not quite measure up as males, rather, wanted the female aspects in their lives. There were no such things as shemales or sex change procedures at that time. Males could be males, or dress and pretend to be females. As for females wanting to be males, well, forget it.

I read his columns with interest. Your reading this might think that I was one of those girly boys who wanted to know the detail in how to hide my cock, shave without a 5-oclock shadow, and look less than ridiculous in makeup as I try to pick up a stud. No, I never had the yearning. Aside from that, I would have looked like a transvestite with a really bad attitude and a beard.

It is now some decades later. I wonder how Tiresius Knows fared. He did sound like a likeable and caring person. It is too bad that the magazine wasted his contribution. But, that is evolution. We adapt or we become extinct. He and his ilk are now extinct. With modern medicine, politically correct approach, and plenty of money, one can become male, female, and then male again, at a whim.

I am not making light of those who have this yearning to change gender. I genuinely feel for them. I corresponded with one whose chosen name was Brittany Lynn Roche. He, and then later, she, made a very poignant point in her life as she chose the hard way of transition. It came late in her life, and I doubt that she could really cash in on the results. In any case, she gave it much effort and angst and succeeded. She deserves the rewards as dubious as they may be. My sympathy to those who did not quite make it, and my salute to those who did!

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little shaun said...

I remember the first time I found Nugget Magazine. It had all of the things I thought I exclusively fantasized about. The first time I saw foot worship in fine print, women using strap-ons on men, and CBT stories. It was awesome!