Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ultimate Fantasy

I have a very capable imagination. It has been instrumental in creating very real things that were used by me, my family, my community, and customers in general. Creativity is a realized form of fantasy. When it is useful, such as in art, craft, engineering, science, and yes, in theory, it can pay tremendous dividends.

My imagination has also steered me toward fantasy in other useful ways. I am a writer among other things, and without my applied imagination I would have to resort to writing reports on known things, which may not be coveted by many.

Fantasy is what I call a manifestation of applied imagination. Fantasy has other values. One can live and practice scenarios that may become familiar enough to be useful in everyday life. See, for example, the book Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It can help in your job, in your relationships, or a yet to meet situation. These are often realistic fantasies dealing with what you are likely to encounter.

Then there are fantasies that are just for fun. All of you have used them, most often in a sexual scenario prior to or during sex whether self-induced or shared. They are great to enhance, even enable, your achievement of your goal. They are harmless as long as you keep them to yourself. Once you share them with someone, you are getting out of your safety zone and undesired things can happen.

I recently ran across a blog by Sarah who writes The Male Chastity Blog. Besides being a good writer, she has a clear-thinking way of presenting her material. There are many comments on her postings, most are by people of better education and clearer intellect than what one sees on blogs and forums dealing with male chastity and orgasm denial. If you were interested in the subject, you would enjoy reading this blog. The connection to her blog and this posting has to do with her dilemma: she is considering the idea of permanent orgasm denial applied to her husband. I believe that she is leaning toward not doing it, but she has the option to apply it any time.

She deals very well with the terms and meanings with respect to chastity and orgasm denial. She understands the implications as they apply to herself and her husband. She knows fantasy from reality, and the value of each even when they overlap.

I have used the term “ultimate fantasy” in my writing a few times, usually in fiction. I have never experienced it, although I have imagined doing so in the safety of my well-buttoned-down mind. My characters, on the other hand, have experienced it for real. I have also read novels of erotic fiction where the characters experience it willingly or by force. They are harmless, if not actually carried out.

In the case of Sarah she would feel powerful imposing this permanent orgasm denial. Alas, according to her, it would be irreversible: once her decision is made, there is no backing out of it. She knows that enforcing this would deprive her of some pleasures that she is now taking. I agree: she would miss some specific pleasures that are now provided by her husband at the cost of demonstrating her power. However, a more important issue is how her husband would adapt to the new edict. In his fantasy, which he is living already, he has an opportunity to be awarded an orgasm of his own. Although his main joy is experiencing her orgasm over and over again, he still has something in addition to look forward to. Not so if he knows that he will never be allowed orgasm again. It may be living his ultimate fantasy while she tells him that he has had his last orgasm, and from here on it is only hers that he will feel. It may even work for a while to fuel his enhanced fantasy. At the same time he will begin to feel the hopelessness of experiencing what he had, albeit seldom, before. It would change his life. It would increase his frustration. Their relationship would eventually suffer, unless neither one truly believed the final decree to be binding.

The only way that decree could be truly final is by a physical or surgical alteration of his anatomy that would preclude orgasm. In many novels of prurient nature this sort of thing is standard fodder. A man sacrifices his parts, and undergoes penectomy, castration, and or other mutilation either willingly or through force. Once done, the ultimate fantasy has been experienced, there is no return. Whatever follows is going to be different from before. Strangely, this sort of sacrifice happens in real life. If you dig a bit on the Internet, you run into a lot of grisly do-it-yourself surgery home-style alterations, methods, tools, and supplies to support it. I have done such research to support my writing. What I have not researched is how these individuals fare after their ultimate sacrifice. I have never read any real scenario that was legitimately documented. My advice, “Don’t try this at home, it’s a one-way trip.”

As for the members of cheap forums where they claim to have experienced this sort of ultimate fantasy, well, they are harmlessly staying in their fantasies with their genitals intact. You can spot these fakes as soon as they begin to describe how their partners forced them to undergo chastity or the ultimate sacrifice by whatever means: physical force, blackmail, enchantment, entrapment, etc. Their parts may be encased in a self-applied device that keeps them chaste until the next time they decide to masturbate while conjuring up the familiar event. Then the cycle repeats. Then there are those who pretend to be a dominant female who, also, forced her man into chastity and permanent orgasm denial, etc. Fun to read about it as long is it does not sound like it was written by a first-grader. Even so, it becomes blase. As Sarah said, "The fact is the whole notion of enforced male chastity is pure fantasy."


Giles English said...

Well said. Years ago, I did come across an account of a 3rd party who had had genital modification in order to negate any sexual pleasure. The story was rather tragic.

On a lighter note, I think that there are really two permanent chastity fantasies: the act of permanence, and the existence itself.

I like the sensual state of chastity and have no interest in the keyholder dynamic. How long that would last, I don't know, and am not keen to find out.

appy said...

After my prostate operations I couldn't ejaculate any more. My urologist assured me the sex would be almost the same, but without the ejaculation. Well, he was wrong. I ended up impotent. At first I could experience kind of an internal orgasm, but that too has vanished.

So I am permanently chaste, however not imposed by my wife, nor sought by me.

I find my sexual pleasure when I am allowed to serve my wife orally.

little shaun said...

I think the main thing about the "Ultimate Fantasy" is that it is impossible to come true. That is what makes it a fantasy to me. It might not even be enjoyable if it did actually happen. My fantasy of being a sissy maid to my wife and her new husband while being locked in permanent chastity, while very erotic to me, is something I would not want to actually experience.

I learned of a man who had the operation to remove his male parts. He had absolutely no sex drive at all afterwards, but he also said it was because he was over being a man even beforehand.