Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gov'ment 2

My Ususal Disclaimer

Before you grab the pitchfork and the rope, I will give you my usual disclaimer.

I believe in equal rights for people. Each of us must have freedom to either make something of our lives or totally waste it.

I believe in charity. I help those who are in need. I select my charitable targets carefully.

I don't reward failures, but I encourage success. This goes along just fine with natural selection.

What I don't do is advocate dumbing down society just to make all of us even with the misfits and the loosers. Now that you know the general, I will get to the specific. Some of you who pay attention to what I mean rather than what I say may have figured out that I am a conservative in principle.

What that means is, I value self, family, friends, state, and country, in that order. It does not mean that I would flick off the country in favor of friends. I know my values, just that, there are priorities. Then again, I know who runs the country, and where my loyalties lie.

I grew up in another country where Socialism was the norm: take resources from the achievers, and give them to the non-achievers, thereby “level the playing field”. God, I hate that term, “level the playing field”.

I will tilt the fucking playing field any time, and kick you in the balls if you challenge me! All people are not born equal!

Some people are smart and quick, others are dull and stupid. Some people are willing to work hard, others watch television. It is the way of life, dammit!

I am somewhere between the extremes, and have learned to cope with it. But nobody tell me that all people are equal! If you think that, you are much less equal than I am.

Yes, I am much pissed at Socialists. I killed to get out of a country to get away from it. Alas, the USA, the greatest country on this earth ever, is sliding into Socialism before our very eyes as of the last presidential election.

I am not pointing fingers at specific people or political parties in this country. I am angry with the people who are uninformed and/or stupid, yet they think that they should make their voice known during elections. People, voting for “feel good”, “charismatic”, and “he or she will get me what I need” politicians will just kill your chances of success.

By my rules, “success” does not mean “to bring everyone down to your level.” To me, success means, "Use your resources to achieve what lesser individuals don’t know or don't try to achieve." You also must be rewarded for your effort. “Leveling the playing field” means the stupid and the slow get the boost, and you get the shaft. I am all for charity, but it should be where it belongs, and not “up my ass” as an achiever.

Only you, yourselves, can succeed. Regardless of what the politicians promise, they will have to take from you first before giving to anyone. And that would be without your approval. Of course, they will first take their cut, so what the give is always less than what they take. I don't see what is so difficult about this to understand. So, be as social or liberal as you want to be, but don’t complain to me when some of your precious possessions are taken and given to some schmuck who has never done anything of value for society.

Contrary to what you might think, I am a Liberal in the traditional sense: I want people to have free opinion and to express it any way that they want. I am against censorship of any nature. I am for free speech, free expression of values, keeping the state out of our private lives including religion, marriage, economics, family, education, etc. We the people can handle all that just fine, as long as the idiots in our government stay out of it. The bad things happen when some politician decides that he/she is smarter than the businessmen/woman who is running the show in the private sector. That is what caused today’s economic fiasco. More regulations will throttle initiatives. The government butting in is making it worse. Just leave us the hell alone!

I am not telling you how to live your life. I don’t define morality, religion, politics, sexuality, pornography, etc. I don’t give a damn what you do in your private life. But I do give a damn when what you do impacts my life. I want to defend myself, and I will pitch in when you or the country need my help. I spent years in the Army, and years in law enforcement. I care!

Other than that, leave me alone, and let me do my own business! I am not a two-bit politician. I know what I am doing.


Robert said...

Very well said. I concur wholeheartedly.

Milliscent said...

Agreed, your points are well made.

I do though think that we started embracing socialism long before the recent election, and likely it will take an equally long time for us to win the struggle for reassertion of our rights.

Ms. Catherine said...

I try to avoid politics as a topic that can cause tempers to flare with very little compromise. But here goes:

As a Canadian, I really don't see the changes happening as a drastic slide toward socialism. Here in Canada, we have universal healthcare and a social safety net more extensive than what your President is proposing.

Our government regulates industry and the financial sector in ways that the would never fly in the US.

In the last week, all our major banks posted earnings high above what was expected so it can't be all bad...

But you will be relieved to know that we also have our undeserving poor who aspire to very little. We have poverty and the crime that is associated with it.

We just believe free access to health care is a basic human right.

Hope this has been received in the spirit it was intended: just my thoughts and beliefs and not a real comment or denial of yours.

Anonymous said...

What? Don't have the balls to challenge me, Bernie?

Maybe we should set your stupid cat on fire, and put it in your panties. Take the pix afterwards !!!

You are not only a frawd, you are a
cunt. Law enforcement, my ass; military, bull shit....loud mouth drunk is what you are.

Susan's Pet said...

Ms. Catherine,

Your points are well taken. There is only one issue that I need to address. You say, "We just believe free access to health care is a basic human right."

This is a philosophical argument. In principle I am all for it. In practice it is impossible.

Nothing in life is free. So, when the goverment gives away free universal health care it first must take away a larger amount. The money obviously comes from the people who are responsible, work for a living, and are paying their own way.

Susan's Pet said...


Do you feel better now?

Why do you read my blog if it offends you so much?