Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions ...

A lovely lady, who has impressed me with more than her bent on fetish, made a comment that prompts me to do this. One of my options is to broaden the scope of this blog. I did say that a while back, and it is one of the significant alternatives to just quitting. Generally, you win some, and you lose some audience. But I must move on.

Today is a gusty spring day. The temperature is pleasant, the air is clear. The house is open to the winds. Some windows produce a howl that is reminiscent of ghostly movies. I love it. We get some fine dust as an unneeded bonus, but we enjoy the outdoors indoors also. I feel quite comfortable in my natural state without needing heating or cooling, at least during the day.

Of our two big dogs, the favorite one was allowed to come in. He was all over the place to reaffirm his dominion. His pseudo mother, our spotted cat, groomed him. She was able to reach him only as he lay on his side while relieving his puppy hood when she adopted him years ago. As I was writing I popped a couple of peanuts into my mouth. The dog naturally took interest. I dropped one peanut on the carpet for him. He made quite a show of appreciating it. An hour or so later he vomited on the same spot. I let him out of the house, and then cleaned up the mess. Peanuts are off his menu henceforth.

I enjoy heavy-duty weight lifting six days a week. Even when I really exhaust myself on hard labor the previous day, early each morning I go to the dungeon and spend from forty to sixty-minutes pumping iron.

But I have a problem. It has to do with some injuries that get in the way of trying to do all of this justice. I am right handed. Consequently, my left side is the “weak side”. It is vulnerable, and prone to injury. Over the years I have accumulated enough for a lifetime. I have gone through a shoulder injury recently that set back my bodybuilding for a few months. The left shoulder is now holding its own without blatant signs of worsening, but now my left elbow complains. I can do some stressful exercises with my right arm, but not the left. Unless I want to become lopsided, I must make a choice between limiting all to what my weak side can do, or make it worse. Damn. It is the curse of old age. My muscles are all willing and able, but some of the joints can’t support the stress. Where is bionic technology when I need it?

I am not disrespecting my left side. I have learned to write with my (weak) left hand, and do an adequate job of it. In law enforcement, I am required to qualify shooting with my weak hand, and I do so. My left hand is basically used to relive my right hand when I need it, and it works. Still, it is not as finely honed as the right. Somehow, masturbating with my weak hand is not that satisfactory. I have yet to ask my wife’s opinion on the performance of the Sinister versus the Dexter appendage when it comes to her pleasure.

About the decisions… I have a need to write. Just as an artist has a need to paint, sculpt, write music, etc., I must write. Until I change the venue I will do some writing here. So, my emphasis may not be always on FLR on this blog, but at least I can provoke some people so that I can respond with witty comebacks and we all can have some fun.


Miss AJ said...

In Traditional Chinese medicine the right side is male and the left side is female. I wonder why it is your female side that is giving you discomfort and whether it is possible to draw a long bow and link it to your submissive side?

Susan's Pet said...

I don't know about the Chinese traditional belief, but my female side often gives me discomfort, warranted or not. But then, I love her for it.