Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Eternal Beauty of Women

Ancient History Sets Precedent

On my way to the Orient I had a one-day layover in Yokohama, which was then “the armpit-of Japan”. During the hours I had to waste I saw an old movie, “Come Blow Your Horn,” with Frank Sinatra and others in more impressive roles. This movie evoked in me my total commitment to the beauty, the challenge, and my need to submit to the American female. Having seen that movie was both right and wrong under my circumstances. “Right” was being presented the beautiful women who had a role in it, reinforcing my love to their charms, and assertive beings. “Wrong” was that I was being forcibly distanced from all that wonderful loveliness to face death and destruction for an indeterminate amount of time in an otherwise beautiful land of waste and devastation.

While in my government-enforced exile I had rare opportunity to go to town (if there was a town) when I was not needed for something specific. Usually I declined. Sleep and relaxation were a luxury. In time off duty I chose to do some reading whenever books were available, or listen to the lame music produced by one or more of my fellow conscripts using a guitar, or just a foot locker and hands as stand-in for percussion instruments.

Going to town meant partaking the local food and fauna. Females of the for-hire-persuasion had nothing to offer to me. I was willing to wait until I got home, assuming that I did reach that goal at the end of my commitment.

That was many years ago.

Superficial Enhancements Beauty Do not Make
After my return to the greatest country on Earth I could go out any day and see beauty around me in a different light. Being at a shopping mall was a great opportunity to peruse the abundance of the American female beauty. I am not talking about the extremely stylized Playboy (is it still around?) types, or the anemic wretches of the so-called “supermodels” portrayed on some useless catalogs of clothing, sex toys, and other paraphernalia.

Female beauty is all around me. I admit freely that a certain style of women is very attractive to me. I also insist that I am essentially unlimited in my appreciation of the female regardless of her attributes. As for being really turned on, I have my limits. Well, maybe I have not been tested, but I think I do.

A woman’s beauty may be enhanced by, but is not the same as, "makeup", expensive clothes, or jewelry. The nude form may be sexually provocative, and beautiful, but it is not the entire story.

I like to see cleanliness and a sense of propriety. She must look neat and well groomed. For example, some females show up in a store wearing what look like pajama bottoms lately. Aside from the garment looking tacky and unattractive, I consider it inappropriate. I might love to see this same woman in more erotic clothes, or even without, under intimate circumstances, but not in the damn store! Then there are those whose hair has not experienced water in ages. Or those who wear sneakers that did not merit consideration before becoming a hazardous waste.

The Tenth Commandment

In essence, it says, “Do not covet your neighbor's wife”. That is the only commandment with which I have a problem. With rare exceptions, I covet almost any woman whom I see. Of course, I do not, and most likely would not, do anything about it. At the same time I am not into serious religion where “thinking about it is a sin itself.” If so, I sin. But I don’t act.

I look at women as the center of creation. They are the source of life. In some ways they earn their position in life just by being, although there is more. They are there to be seen, but only few of us get to touch. Those who are easy I need, but I don’t want. Those who are beyond my reach I covet but only wish to have. The rest may be among my ability to reach. Alas, I will never have them. I am committed to one already. But that does not keep me from desiring and wanting the others.

I see nothing wrong with desire itself. It is the acting on some desires that could go wrong, and I have not, nor am I willing to do that.

Within my “more or less clear” conscience that leaves me free to look, wish, covet, desire, and fantasize about any female from all of the groups I described above. My wife knows my fertile imagination and my highly sexed self. She knows that I get an immediate erection when a certain female walks by me. She also knows that I will remain discreet in my reaction, and that, with the exception of my turning and watching this beauty walk by, I will say or do nothing. My love and lust are reserved for my wife. No female needs to fear my wanton desires.

Beauty of Women Through Ages

The good thing about this is that I can take on any age of female as an object of beauty. All right, I will skip pre-teens. Dammit, don’t get me started on that.

Teenage girls are OK as long as they are my daughters and I am trying to set them straight in what is right and wrong. Other than that, we have nothing in common. That does not say that I would not sacrifice my life to save one in dire circumstances. My experiences in law enforcement, traumatic from time to time, tend to demonstrate this. Whew! Let’s get past that.

Women in their twenties can be beautiful and a real pain in the ass, but not in a good way. That is because they have a good thing and don’t know what to do with it. Not that I object to having a conversation with one, or ogling her beauty under most circumstances. Just that we have nothing real in common. Politics, patriotism, plans for the future, etc. are not in their realm of existence. Religious mantras, such as “can’t we do something about global warming”, “can’t we just get along?” and “all I want is world peace” comprise their societal thought process. There is nothing wrong with any of that, just that, there is more to life. With any luck, they will mature. Alas, some never overcome their early handicap, and become frustrated Arianna Huffington wannabies without having the money to waste. Entering the adult world with this attitude will put them at a disadvantage.

After two or three divorces, a woman forms a character. One possibility is that she becomes a confirmed divorcé. Or she learns to despise males. She may succumb to the macho male who thinks he is God’s gift to women. A small percentage will mature and find a male worthy of her attention. Here is where a reasonable man looking for a worthy female must be very careful.

Women in their thirties are in their prime. They experience and learn. Being “glamorous” is a matter of current fad. Maturity of the thirties is benign and entrancing.

Then there are the wonderful women of the forties and older.

As I age my range of appreciation expands. On the young end I see beauty not as sexual, but more in purity. Somewhat like looking at and smelling the essence of a newly blossomed flower. On the older end I see beauty as a quality of soul, rather than sexuality (after all these years I am still naïve when it comes to women). Between the two there is a lot of latitude to appreciate all senses that are relevant to humanity, especially to women.

Meanwhile I look at women of all ages and appreciate beauty where I see it. Sometimes talking with them makes all the difference. Sometimes just watching their behavior does it. In all, I wish to express my tremendous appreciation of females in general.

In summary, it is not what women have, but what they do with it that makes the difference.

My love is limitless.

My appreciation is limited.

My subservience is targeted to a few.

My devotion and commitment are for only one.

But there is a lot of joy to see all of them out there, any time, every time. Thank God for women! Or as MW would say, “Thank the Goddess for women!”

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