Monday, January 5, 2009

Girls Night Out

MW has arranged one of her regular get-togethers with two of her friends. It usually includes staying over for a night or two at one of their places. On New Year’s Day I loaded her paraphernalia into our vehicle, and drove her to Beatrice’s place. I lugged her stuff up the stairs and we checked in with the ladies. After the usual hugs and kisses I took care of some mundane chores like setting up a DVD player and taking out the garbage. After that I had a glass of sherry with them. But, duty called, and I had to leave. MW and I said farewell, the ladies said farewell with their hugs and kisses, and I left.

Late in the evening I called MW and told her that I missed her, but that she should try to have fun.

I expected a couple days of solitude and bachelor debauchery. Mid morning the next day she called. She sounded less than happy. She wanted me to come to her and take her home. This was not usual, but not entirely unexpected. She has been feeling sad lately, and nothing that we did had been able to nudge her back to a happier state. I got dressed immediately, and drove the forty-minutes to meet her. She was ready to take a break from her friends.

They don’t usually go to town and frequent nightclubs, etc. They are more likely to stay, order food, and drink enough to feel good. They talk, laugh, watch movies, and stay up late. They did stay up late, had a lot to drink and eat. It was very much like guys who are given a chance to live it up for a night without female supervision. The two friends are nocturnal. As a result MW did not get to sleep even though she tried. This time MW was not fully into that, which explained her sudden need to return home. On the way home she explained that she needs to be recharged, and will drive back to Beatrice’s place in a few hours.

At home I did what I could to make her feel good. She showered and caught up on some correspondence. Early afternoon she was ready to drive herself back to her friends. She was still not feeling well, so I offered to drive her. She did not protest, so again I dressed and put our vehicle into the driveway to await her.

On the way there she asked, “Why are you so good to me?”

I know I should have said something like, “Because you are my beloved Mistress, and it is my place to serve you in any way.” Somehow that felt true but shallow. Instead, I said, “I have a lot invested in you. For that, I have to take care of you.” I don’t know how she took it, for she did not respond.

While at Beatrice’s place I did some electrical work that needed serious attention. It took a couple of hours, but when finished, Beatrice was very satisfied and thankful. They all think that I am some kind of saint. Little do they know that I am just a horny man who is willing to serve under my wife’s command. Oh yeah, I am also a nice guy who loves women.

After it was over, I again left for home to deal with what I was interrupted to do.

The evening went well enough given that I was without MW again. In the morning I was planning the rest of the day. I would do some daily chores, take care of the animals, do some maintenance on MW’s computer, shave my (actually “her”) genitals, then wait for her phone call to come and fetch her. The call was planned around noon when she and friends were having a meal in a favorite restaurant. I planned to stop at a florist on the way there and buy a dozen roses. When arriving at the restaurant I would find MW, approach her table, and drop to one knee while presenting her the flowers. It was to be a romantic event that would make her feel good, and maybe a little embarrassed, and impress her friends with our love and commitment to her lead. I don’t know what is higher than sainthood without getting into gods, which I am not. It was a neat plan.

The plan was short-circuited. She called early in the morning wanting me to get her. Apparently the plan to have lunch for the three of them fizzled. I don’t know whether this is natural evolution of a relationship or part of MW’s current state. I hope they will continue to enjoy one another’s company, for they are good friends. But this time the scenario was different. I arrived there, took care of some more chores, and parted as the good friends that we are.

On the way home MW dozed off due to the sleep deprivation of their debauchery. As we approached our home she looked at the familiar scenery and remarked, “I am glad to be coming home with you.” I felt the same. Once home, I suggested that she could have a warm shower and put on something sexy that would make her feel good. Then she could take the rest of the day off to recuperate from the debauchery. She thought it was a good idea.

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