Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After The Dust Settles

I have been with her like a wolf after a bitch in heat. Yes, I am horny, and yes, she is sexy. She is not in heat, just terribly attractive. Oh, all right! I am horny! I have already said so. Sheesh!

It has been a couple of days since my return from a trip. No release, just closeness to her. I am worried that she may be fed up with my constant attention.

Yesterday she planned a family gathering at our son’s house. She can do that. Late afternoon she told me to put on the CB3000 after my shower. I had an idea where this was going. I helped her with drying as she stepped out of her shower. Too bad that she was stressed, and misinterpreted my attitude. She had me drop my pants and lean over the bed in the bedroom. I felt silly with my private parts enclosed in the device, but I did what I had to.

She asked me, “How many strikes do you think you deserve?”


“Do you mean three dozen?”

“No Ma’am. Just three.”

“Think again.”


“Six it is, then!”

She proceeded to whack my bare bottom with one of her heavy-duty paddles six times. When I thought it was over, she gave me one more. She is very kind. With my attitude adjusted she visibly felt better. I took the car out to the driveway and got it ready for her. We left for the event.

The gathering was a success; we all had a good time. That was last night.

Today I still ran around with my tongue hanging and my Little Guy in the cage. I could not stop myself from kissing her neck, her arms, her shoulders, or anything that I could reach as she sat at her computer.

After I had done some work well into the afternoon, I was ready to settle for some writing. She had other plans. We were going to watch a movie on a DVD. She had me shower and wait on her. After her shower I helped her dry, and then flipped the bed covers so that she could lie down on the sheet.

It was early evening, the light still streaming through the windows, giving me a clear view of her charms. I took a bottle of lotion in hand and poured out some. After spreading the liquid around my palms I began to apply it to one of her legs. I do this every day, so I don’t always get an erection. This time was different. The Little Guy was pressing on the cage with skin bulging through the small openings. I tried to ignore him, but he has his own mind, so it did not matter. I worked on her left leg from the knee down, and then the foot. After the lotion was applied, I did a massage on the same leg. She was purring with joy. I moved to the right leg and repeated the lotion and the massage. When done, I returned to her left foot that always gets extra attention. When I thought that I was done, she said, “Massage my thighs.”

The Little Guy took a quantum leap forward. Her thighs always do that to us. I must have done something right, for she squealed in delight from time to time. Maybe I just got carried away with the joy of giving her this pleasure. Having my fingers on her softness and kneading her muscles repeatedly pleases us both. I continued on to her legs, and repeated with the thighs.

The provocative little tufts of fur between her white thighs were asking for attention. I gently tugged on them. Apparently they are connected to some stuff deep within, for she warned me, “You have started something that you may have to finish,” as she turned onto her front.

That was all right with me. The Big Guy was straining against the bars. I began with the back of her thighs spending a lot of time there in one of my favorite places. But, with so much beautiful ground to cover, I had to move on to other parts. Her back was thoroughly massaged, and her twin dimples thoroughly kissed and licked. Oh, I am sure that I have mentioned her twin dimples before. They are just above her butt. They have a special connection to her insides, so I must be very careful with them. Kisses and licks are appropriate handling.

I did some more tugging of those little tufts of her fur. She said, “We can’t do anything there, I need a haircut.”

“You taste wonderful with or without a haircut.” She did not object, so I continued. Before I knew it, she was on her back again. She had me fetch the tit clamps (see A Bit Of Tit Play,), which she affixed, to my on/off buttons.

I did some more massaging, but I sensed that she was ready for the next stage. I resumed our favorite position, and we locked lips. She was ready. I played her like a fine instrument. She enjoyed it like the Queen she is. Alas, after one orgasm, she booted me out of the room. I guess she wanted to be alone with the Girls. That’s so sweet!

I went to get some wine, and then waited for her. In a while she came out of the mistress bedroom to tell me that I was in trouble because I did not close the bedroom door after I left. As a consequence, she was concerned about the lack of privacy, which in turn … Let’s just say that she was not really satisfied after four big ones. I was really sorry.

We settled down to watch the movie. About half an hour later she generously ripped off the tit clamps from my on/off buttons. I was both relived and in great pain. She is wonderful.

During the viewing of the movie she was reclining next to me. I love to feel her skin. I love to touch her soft wonderful parts, so I ran my finger lightly over the velvety skin of her breast without touching her nipple. I don’t touch there without invitation unless I am willing to be seriously punished. She told me to stay away. Her skin was too sensitive after the recent events. So near, yet unattainable. At least she did not have me wash my face. She is so good to me.


AllForHer said...

Sounds like a slice of heaven.

Susan's Pet said...

It was indeed.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, I've found a way to bypass the Content Warning least to a point. I entered your blog address into the Yahoo search engine, and it brought up your archives through 2008. I went in today, and lo and behold, your 2009 posts were there up to the post I'm submitting my comment on.

We have had this computer for at least four years, and have never played with settings and protection levels. I was concerned that perhaps someone had gotten in to your blog in order to keep others from viewing it. I read a couple other blogs with the content warning screen, and am able to get in with no problem, but there is one other that gives me the same trouble as yours.

Anyway, I do enjoy your blog and appreciate your miscellaneous ramblings!


Susan's Pet said...

Dear Patty,

I am glad that you did not take "no" for an answer. That was a clever solution.

I find this Content Warning a pain in the butt, but it seems to keep the Thought Police off our tails, so we use it. Otherwise it is totally useless.