Sunday, January 25, 2009

“I Don’t Get no Respect” (credit to Rodney what's hisname)

Ok, I am just trying to make a point. Credit for the title goes to Rodney Dangerfield.

When I proposed to MW that I would post this, she said, "What a big pussy!" I don't think it was a compliment. I have bitched about this before. I write what I consider good stuff, yet rarely do I receive a comment. Why? It's because I don't get no respect.

I read other blogs that are presented in a different way with a different emphasis. Generally we are both relating to FLR, but our style and content diverge. I have identified some characteristics of the successful blogs on the subject of FLR, mine not included.

  1. Have a real problem, which clearly shows that a Female Led Relationship (FLR) in your life is only wishful thinking. This is because your significant other does not give a crap, or only dabbles in FLR when it suits her purpose.
  2. If you ever resolve a problem in FLR, don’t give up: create another.
  3. Get into cuckolding, or at least, wishful cuckolding. Everybody reading your blog will be either sympathetic or envious.
  4. Do explore orgasm denial and chastity to any extent, whether or not it is actually part of your life.
  5. Create or relate outrageous scenarios. They need to be on the fringes of societal acceptance.
  6. Include photographs that are at least loosely related, but not necessarily real. For example, they were not created by you, but they are provocative and sort of support your current post.
  7. In typical “Hollywood publicity style” good and bad responses are equally desired, so say or do anything to provoke them.
  8. Find out what most readers want, and provide it, never mind reality.

I could list more ideas, but I am already getting bored with it.

I know exactly what is wrong with my blog that is supposed to be all about FLR: I don’t provide enough exciting details of how I am making my wife happy, how happy I am about serving her, how I miss not being satisfied, how she teases and denies me, how she punishes me, how she cuckolds me, … etc. As an example, she wants my (sorry, “Her”) private parts shaved. It is up to me what method I use as long as it works. Have you ever done “dry shave”? That is what I do, and I could go into the details of why and why not. I could show supporting photographs to really jazz up the scenario. I could explain how she whips my ass because, upon final inspection, she found a single stubble on one of my balls that I missed with my dry razor. And then I could bitch about having to do it every few days while I have a lot of other things to do. Hey, I could do that! I am a writer of sort; I could make it sensual, pathetic, provocative, or even fictitious. In a way all that is part of my life, so it would add some color to my otherwise drab rendering of life in the “burbs”.

OK, it is my fault. I don’t do much of that. Should I?

Then there is another problem. I tend to pontificate, and bring in unrelated, or loosely related subjects to explore. I feel that I am boring the reader who entered my blog after having searched for orgasm denial. Maybe I should change the charter of my blog from “Experiences of a Husband in a Wished-for Female Led Relationship” to “Pontification about Anything.” At least I would not disappoint anyone. Sheesh! Why do I bother?


Miss D said...

Well, you've enticed a response from me!
I have read your blog for a few months and I like the fact that you're not sexual or explicit in your musings. I also have a blog which NO ONE but my sub ever comments on. I occassionally post slightly prurient entries but on the whole try to avoid it. That is between me and d and I don't keep a porn blog I merely keep a blog.

d on the otherhand does get some responses on occassion but NEVER posts anything sexual (unless on my request) and he certainly muses.

Also, his blog is entirely directed at me which means that many others aren't interested.

Yeah, you're bitching but at least you can look at yourself in the mirror!

keep it up (no pun intended)


Susan's Pet said...

Dear Miss D,

Had I been aware of your blog, and that of "d", I would have read them. Now that I know, I will certainly partake. Blogs by submissive men are common, but blogs by strong intelligent women are a rare treasure. I look forward to reading both.

About keeping it up, it comes naturally to me, at least for now.

Thank you for your appreciation of the more esoteric thoughts.

whatevershesays said...

I agree that you can only write so long about one's WLM. And new blogs follow a pattern. Older blogs like ours tent to wander a bit as we are long past the honeymoon phase of our attempts at a wife led marriage.

And in the long run, you are quite correct, it takes a committment from both parties.