Thursday, January 22, 2009

About Male Slavery ... Again

I continue to read the Owning and Training a Male Slave blog. I am curious about where it is going. So far he has regurgitated the “book” by Bellemare. Now he is trying to go beyond, but it still sounds more of the same: more whipping, more suffering, etc.

The thing I find interesting goes back to the basic premise of this supposedly non-consensual slavery. He says, “Now after more than thirteen years of service Madam expects absolute perfection and Her punishments, though slightly rarer, have increased in severity.”

This states that he has been serving her in involuntary slavery for thirteen years. Seems like a life sentence. By now he should be perfect, and never in need of correction. Then he says, “My servitude now is harder than it has ever been but I have no choice but to endure because the penalty for dissent is greater than ever. With the coming of the Internet all my personal details the details of my slavery could be seen around The World within minutes and I would never know who had viewed them.”

I can see that, but I ask, “After his being out of sight, out of touch of friends or family for thirteen years, and being a true slave to a severe woman, would he, or anyone else give a f**k about his pictures of thirteen years ago being published on the internet?” Give me a friggin’ break. Either people already know he is a slave, or have given up on his existence. I just don’t see the impact of being “outed” over the Internet at this point. Maybe back at the beginning, but not now.

Wait! Have I been saying “he”? But the blog is done by a female, Bellemare. So who is really writing this? The male Bellemare?

Sorry, there is only so much one can squeeze out of this scenario, and he has done it. Consider that after thirteen years he is still writing, "Meeting Madam Ingrid - Part Twenty Five
PUNISHMENT". Is he still meeting her? Part Twenty Five? How about writing about something that took place yesterday after those thirteen years, not just extreme punishment, but something real?

But all along, there has been nothing to indicate that this is about real people. It has been only about what a male fantasizes on the subject of extreme D/S. There is no personality. There is no relaxation and enjoyment of life. There is no relationship. There is only the relentless torment by a two dimensional micro-managing female without feelings, and a totally compliant male without need of feelings. Total satisfaction on both sides: extreme dominance and extreme obedience, nothing else exists. It sounds like real hard work for both parties. I can see it continuing a few days maybe, or intermittently over some time, but not continuously for thirteen years.

It does not matter. The blog is entertaining, especially when people succumb to the charm of the extremes, and comment on how great it is. I am still curious to see where this will go. I will keep you posted.

By the way, I am not sure that the author of Owning and Training a Male Slave is aware of my evaluation. I have not left a comment on the blog because it does not merit my comment. But, he could somehow learn of my evaluation, and begin to make adjustments. That would be good for his blog. But it would also give away the fact that he is faking it. You see, I have pointed out the holes in the scenario. If he were to try to plug them now, it would prove that he is just following my suggestions, instead of relying on reality.

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Anonymous said...

It's a fun read as a fantasy. Some of the scenarios he creates truly stretch the imagination though. It is amazing the comments from readers apparently buying it.

I can't remember that many details of last week!