Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Working on Chastity and Stuff

We have had a few, and I mean very few, encounters of the sexual kind lately. Those that we had were terrific as usual. Not that I am keeping track of this stuff, but on June 6 she allowed me to penetrate her in the vanilla way. You might think “Ho hum, what else is new?” Well, it is new. We don’t do much of that. The other thing is, doing it in the missionary position might be boring to some of you. For me it is the experience of a lifetime. All right, we have done it before. We have done it many times. Just that it is earth-shaking every time.

When I am on top of her, I try to rest my weight on my elbows to avoid hampering her enjoyment of the occasion. Not that I am heavy, but it is courteous to support my own weight, you know, "Gentlement rest on their elbows." If we were in the flip position, with her on top, I would love to feel her weight on me. But that’s just me. Anyway, I am moving my hands over her luscious body at full speed trying to feel all the juicy spots over and over again. This, of course, requires me to shift weight from one elbow to the other, and to favor one hand or the other. All that is part of the fun and joy.

With her not having to worry about dealing with my crushing weight, she has both hands available to do deviously delicious things to my body. In the distant past she had her finger up my … ah … you know, to enhance my pleasure. Not to a large extent (the penetration that is), but just so I am aware of still another potential pleasure to experience. Lately, meaning the last several years, her enhancement of my pleasure that usually sends me over the edge is to severely pinch my tits with her fingernails as we are building up to a global orgasm. Well, maybe not “we”, but “I” building up to that. Actually I don’t remember when or if she ever had an orgasm simply from my usually penetrating administrations as such. If she had, I am sure that I was there, but I don’t remember. I regret my lack of accomplishment in this area. It could be my lack of girth, lack of length or lack of skill, or all of them. Not that I am or feel inadequate. I could brag, but will not. And then, "It's not what you have, but what you do with it ..." I have it, and know what to do with it! OK, so I brag a little.

I need to point out how important it is what she does to me. I get off on pain when the pain is in the right context. I have had tooth-aches as a child, and if I have them again, I will not enjoy them. This is different. When I am about to lose my composure with an ounce or two of seminal fluid attached, she could pinch off my tits, and I would say, “Yeay, all right!” Of course, after the fact, I would be in the mode of “Ouch, damn it, that hurt …!” She does not pinch off my hard little nibs, it just feels like she does at the time, and it gets me over the edge sooner than planned by me. Sometimes I have sore tits for a day or so after this tremendous fuck. I wonder what my doctor, and physical therapist think of my mistreated tits lately. Neither said anything. But like my doctor, just before he had his finger up my bung hole, he was aware of my Prince Albert ring in place. The therapist, a virile and lean young woman, says nothing about my mistreated tits. Maybe it’s the “I have seen them all” syndrome, and no comment is necessary. In a way I am disappointed.

Getting back to the subject, after the June 6th episode, we remained dormant in a physical sense. As you should know, I am faithful to my Mistress Wife, and also celibate. Regrettable about celibacy, since it is not really enforced by her except for short periods of time when she has me in enforced chastity. Anyway, I have not masturbated. I could have, and it would have been fun, and it would not have detracted from my serving her in any way. Still, it did not happen. In a way it was a waste. The reason is that I don’t think that she would have cared. Maybe I am wrong, but it just seems that way. This is something that we need to discuss again.

On July 5th a few things clicked right resulting in a tremendous pleasure for both of us. She had orgasms, I had the pleasure of providing them in an oral and digital fashion. There was a lot more to it in a way of preparation, and we both enjoyed it all. Of course, as usual, I did not get to participate the same way. In spite of that, giving her this pleasure is better than one of my infrequent orgasms. If I have a choice, pleasuring her orally takes precedence under all circumstances. Her love, her beauty, her scent, her flavor, and the general feeling of the situation overwhelm me and compel me to do for her anything and all things under the circumstances. There is nothing better. As much as I like having my way, doing it her way wins every time. The only thing that I would change is the frequency: hers or mine or both, several times a week would be perfect. Alas, I am highly sexed. And there is the rub!

I am so lucky. Last night was another perfect setup where I was able to give her pleasure. The outcome was somewhat limited by her developing an instant headache afterward. She has that sometimes, and I feel guilty about causing it. I am sorry, my sweet Mistreatess.

Oh yes, my calendar shows that we had a penetrating experience on July 9th. Did we really? I don’t remember. If we did, I am sure that it was as good as any ever. I have been horny all along, so I can’t really prove or disprove its occurrence. Just to be on the safe side, I should have it once a day every day, so there would be no need to make an entry in my calendar. We need to work on that.


All For Her said...

After reading this I had to check my own calender. It has only been eight days since the last time we made love, but I would have guessed that it had been two weeks.


Susan's Pet said...

That's funny. I feel the passing of time judged in a similar fashion depending on what I am measuring.

Taking liberties with, and loosely quoting from Einstein's "General Theory of relativity," "everything is relative." With tongue in cheek firmly in place, I can safely say that my last serously sexual encounter was several weeks ago. Go figure.