Monday, July 28, 2008

Chastity Thoughts

My simple mind has been centered on forced chastity. My chastity. Forced by another person, in this (and only) case, MW. Yes, I am weird. For the last ten or so days I have been researching the products. In addition to her site, there is a lot of comment at

I am handy with tools. If it were not for the current extreme weather, I would spend more time in my workshop that is open to the elements. It is also open to the neighborhood, but I can mitigate that by parking a couple of vehicles in a strategic manner, so that I can be out there in my natural state.

As I said before, my current fixation is on the device that Mistress Lori calls #12A. I realize that first, the cost is exorbitant for us. But wait! Maybe I can stop eating for a month… Seriously, there may be a way to acquire one. The questions are (1) would my MW buy into it, and (2) would it work on the long run. I think MW has already expressed her liking the devilish device. That may be good or bad for me.

I started experimenting with devices. There are some basic issues to resolve. Constriction around the penis, and firm anchor around the package, as in “cock and balls.” I am freaking weird. I like to have my parts mistreated, even if I have to do it myself. When MW does it, then I tend to cream all over myself, not that it has happened lately, creaming or other. Actually, we did have a glorious get-together yesterday. It was as good as ever, and I love her for it. But that was not the subject here.

Anyway, back to experimentation. The first thing to figure out is to get the proper diameter of the device that goes around the glans. You know, a place where you want restriction to avoid removal of the device, but not to “Kill the goose that lays the golden egg.”

As part of the experiment to see whether or not I could accommodate this device, I need to do some research. First I need to deal with what material is available. So-called ¾ inch PVC pipe is standard. Its inside diameter, which is the most important issue, is ¾-inch. Aside from male adequacy issues, it is too frigging small. If I attach something to my PA ring I might be able to pull my poor little guy through it. But I would not rely on the assumption unless proven by experiment. So, next in order of availability is the sleeve that is used to connect two pieces of this ¾ inch pipe. The inside diameter of it is a full one inch! I had cut a piece off with which to experiment. Two screws installed at about 120 degrees apart (360 degrees is a full circle for those of you not tuned into mathematics). I pulled the ring of ½ inch length cylindrical plastic over the little guy, and tightened the screws. Ouch! Had to be careful. I learned that the device as it was had potential. For example, with the one-inch sleeve cutout piece the screws hurt when I tried to simply pull the ring off my cock. They had to be unscrewed first. The conclusion was that I need, for my anatomy, a 7/8 inch inside diameter device with the appropriate screws as a deterrent for removal.

The item with the first part above is one third of the whole package. I still need a way to attach this to a device that bears the weight, and most importantly, makes the device unremovable without my MW’s intervention. With my simple proof of principle experimentation the removal issue is not addressed. All I need for now is to see whether it is feasible. Given the two screws I installed and screwed in all the way. It appears that removal may not be feasible without extreme damage to my most private parts. So far so good. Feasibility investigated and assured.

I really don’t know where I am going from here. MW has expressed an interest in the device and in applying it to my private parts. She has also suggested that I get a job to pay for it. Well, shucks! I already have a job. Can I afford to have one more? I could just say, “No.” But that would close the door on the project, and I would be left with my fantasy. I could get another job, lose some sleep, and earn the cost of the device. But then I would have to commit myself to wearing it at MW’s whim. Without experiencing the device’s potential torture before commitment, I would be a fool to agree to all that. Can anyone advise me on what to do?


All For Her said...

Sorry, no advice here. I have been thinking about tinkiering around with one as well, though. I'm no leather smith, but now that I've got this gates of hell the improvements seem obvious.
Good luck.

Susan's Pet said...

I am glad that you are having fun with it. I bought one of those a year ago when my wife was out of town. Tried it, and it was fun. It was also a bit long, so I removed one of the links and shortened the straps. It worked fine, but I soon realized that it was strictly for play [then again, is not much of this strictly for play?]. The problem I anticipated was that leather gets worn, and after repeated cycling of wet and dry, becomes fatigued. I suppose that it is inexpensive enough to replace at that time.

When she returned home, she saw the deviced and asked about it. I told her the truth. She was amused, but we have not used it again. Maybe I could show it to her again and see what happens.

Good luck with yours!

little shaun said...

i bought a genuine CB3000 with a ksd-g2 which keeps you from pulling out. Peeing is the biggest problem, but luckily i am not kept in chastity as much as i used to be.

doll said...

I was in a local bdsm establishment today and got to look at the male chastity devices. They do look remarkably like plumbing fitments!

Susan's Pet said...

For someone who takes chastity seriously KSD with a CB3000 may be an excellent solution. I haved read all I found about it, and was very impressed. In my fantasies I would love to have it. But as they say, be careful what you wish, you might get it. I had some very bad nights with a KTB which I posted on my blog. Unless my wife takes this very seriously, and she does not, I doubt that I will acquire it. Being fair, she suggested it a while ago, but that was when we were still using the CB2000 from time to time with the Points of Intrigue. That combination is equally cruel, although not escape proof.

Susan's Pet said...

I am sure that it is coincidental, but the male urinary anatomy has been referred to as plumbing. Then again, the the same idea may have inspired some real or would-be plumbers to implement these devices, and later to be improved by engineers. In that sense male chastity devices may have been originally commissioned, and subsequently designed by some Roman lady.

Milliscent said...


Your post is interesting.

Did she suggest you get another job to pay for the advice as a check, to see how serious you are about it? To see if it is worth her investing her time into denial in a larger way? It's possible, and if so, not following her suggestion will work against you.

On the other hand, she just might like the idea of letting you have a new 'toy' without it coming out of family funds. If that is the case you might very well be better off creating your own.

Susan's Pet said...

Mistress Milliscent,

MW indeed suggested that I get a part time job to pay for this, and some other items of her interest.

We need to examine my motivation to determine whether my following up her suggestion is appropriate or compelling. In my fantasy compelling is the desired reason. In reality, she is only suggesting. I am already down to very few hours of sleep, so a part time job cannot come out of that. I still have some time that I could donate at the expense of relaxation time, such as reading. Since the decision is mine, I would do it. However, I need some commitment from her. I have found that I can do a lot without reciprocation, but only so much. At some point the initiative to serve without tangible rewards dwindles. Alas, I am not an altruistic slave.

As for my own version of the device, it is still to be investigated. She will be leaving on a trip with her friends. This leaves me in care of the homestead. During her absence I am planning to do a feasibility study involving crude prototypes of the device. I don't have the means to duplicate "Lori's" devices, but at least I can determine whether it would work for us.

Thank you for your challenging comments.