Friday, July 25, 2008

In Confinement

I am posting this and subsequent ones as a matter of historical significance which were overlooked during the last three or so months.

As I pointed out earlier, MW has put my private parts into confinement via the CB2000. Lock in place, key on a strap that she has around her lovely neck, I am incapable of fondling my tool.

Last time I orgasmed was March 30. She generously allowed me to share my source and center of existence (her pussy). I have been tempted to help myself since then, but I always back off. I think that she has a reason for denying me, and I should not thwart it.

With the device on as of May 17, my choice has been removed. I am at her mercy.

In general, I am fascinated by chastity devices. The so-called “chastity belts” are the most intriguing. Alas, they are impractical because of the hygienic implications. After all, I would have to ask my Mistress for going to the bathroom. I think.

The cock and ball cage, on the other hand, is almost ideal. It prevents me from fondling myself. It is an offering from me to her. I abstain from the little pleasures for her benefit. It’s not the prevention of masturbation. Truly I cannot masturbate with the device on, but I would not have done that anyway, unless she generally allowed, or specifically commanded me to do so.

There are other implications. I am uncut, so foreskin must be accommodated somewhere. Without the cage it is not a problem. I never had a problem with it. With the cage there are some issues. I use some blunt poking device to pull back my foreskin for a couple of reasons. One, I like to see the naked head of the little guy in the cage. It turns me on. Two, it makes hygienic sense. After urinating, it is good to be able to rinse off the parts. Wit the foreskin pulled back, and remaining so, things remain cleaner.

The only indication of a potential problem is that the foreskin swells over time. I am not convinced that this is a real problem, but still, an indication of something with which to deal. Aside from that, I could stay in the cage for the rest of my life as long as my MW wants me to do so. Given that I am not ever allowed to do anything with her, being in the cage just gives me a reason for why I get no release: physical impossibility.

I have been imprisoned for less than three days this time. Two nights of it. Last night was typical. I woke with the expected nocturnal tremendous hard on. Without the cage the erection can be ignored or fondled with appreciation. I can go back to sleep. With the cage it is a bit painful because of the confinement. The available space is about a third of what is needed. The little guy pushes on the front of the tube, thereby pulling everything forward, including balls and such. Some of the hard substance pushes back into my body, since the skin holding the balls between the two rings can stretch only so far. It is not really painful, but it is interesting to see the prisoner pushing through the bars. All that applies with the POI in place, but with an additional item. The teeth of the POI begin to cut into the hardening shaft, and they are relentless. Lying in bed and wishing it to go away is no help. As I have said, I am a sucker for pain when it comes to intentionally applied genital situation. I consider this one of those intentionally applied pains. Even the process of sitting up intensifies the pain, but it must be done. I get up, walk around for a while. That seems to help. When it no longer hurts, the pain no longer feeds back to maintaining the erection, the teeth no longer dig in. I can maybe go back to sleep. A while later I go through the same process. And then again. I just wish that it had not been only my idea to use the POI, but that she had ordered it. I would rather suffer at her hands, than something self-inflicted. But, the lock is on, and I am stuck with it.

Later when I am up I can see the little guy in the cage. I think of something to do with her, and get an instant hard on. Pinkish skin poking through the bars again. There is a lot of potential there. I hope she feeds it to me if or when she allows me release. At times like this I want it, yet I know that afterward I want it less. Still, it is a measure of my dedication, and I should be tested every time. Not like giving MW another responsibility or another chore. More like, I would be expected to clean up after myself so that she does not have to. It almost makes sense on the long run. In any case, if I were to give her oral pleasure, this would be an excellent way. I would be obligated to do it no matter how much I might dislike the flavor of my own stuff. In a kinky way it would be a natural turn-on, knowing that I can never refuse the pleasure of giving her an orgasm or two with my tongue. Having me do it after I orgasmed would be kinky at the least, and very “just” in a grand way.

A few days ago she did indicate that I could take the initiative in a sexual way. That was before the cage was installed, and I could have done so. I tried, but she was not ready. So, that idea fizzled out quickly. Maybe we can try again. Of course, I would have to use a strap-on dildo under the circumstances. We could buy a reasonable toy. It takes two items: a realistic dildo and a reliable strap-on harness. We could even “clone a Willie”. That would be a blast. She could have me suck my own cock, so to speak.

Now, why we would use a dildo when I have a perfectly serviceable cock that is ready, willing, and able? Well, there is the weird thing about it. We can’t use the real cock while it is in the cage. We could take it out at her convenience, then we could use it in any way that she likes and then put it back. I could even get an orgasm or two while out. But then I would no longer be in chastity. Would I? I could even pleasure myself on occasion. I suppose I could still serve her in any way. As it is, self-gratification may be a more reasonable, or at least, more frequent approach. I would not bother her, and she would not feel pressed. But then, I would have to be out of the cage. Damn! I can’t figure out what I really need. I know what I want, but that would be selfish. So, I will just go with whatever I get. But I tell you, being caged is a tremendous turn on. Knowing that she has the key is even better.

As I said, she let the boys out for a few hours before telling me to reinstall the cage. She, of course, clicked the lock shut. I have had it on for almost a week now. Also have been without orgasm for 48 days as of now. Pretty long for a guy who could have it several times a week.

May 24, 2008. Last night she suggested that we remove the cage. She unlocked it, and I had a hard time pulling out of it until I realized that the PA ring was still attached to the tip of the cage. After I removed the clamp, I pulled out the little guy. The foreskin was very swollen. I went into the shower and enjoyed the hot water, the freedom, and washed all parts well. During the night she checked the problem. I suggested that maybe we could let the little guy out for an hour each evening while we were together. That would give us a chance to see any problems, and I would still be under her supervision. I am not sure what her opinion was. However, she let me sleep naked, and I am still in my natural state, without the cage, this early morning hour.

The skin around my balls and my cock are still sore, but not so much that I can complain. There are some marks like ones left by Kali’s teeth, and I don’t know how that came about. Given that she said I will be pierced again, these are trivial.

I woke her by cuddling up to her from behind. She felt great as usual. One thing led to another… I had two orgasms. I can do that when unencumbered.

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