Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arrival of the CB3000

The box arrived on June 9, about 45 days after the order was placed. It was marked, “Plastic artifact: sample,” apparently to satisfy customs. The sender’s address was in India. The box was packed like something a ten-year-old would do. I opened it.

I sorted the parts. The miniscule padlock was made in China. This did not bode well. I threw the wrapping into the trash. I washed the parts with soap and hot water. In the kitchen I filled a saucepan with water, and dropped all pieces into it, then turned on the heat under the pan. After boiling them for about ten minutes I removed them, and washed them in rubbing alcohol. I laid them out on a clean cloth.

The center post that holds the ring and the cage together has the hole through which the lock goes. In the process of punching this hole the tip of the post became distorted. Consequently, none of the four center (locking) posts would go through the appropriate hole in the cage part. This required garage adjustment number one, then back to the bedroom.

While trying to assemble it, I tried to slip a spacer onto the center post without success. The spacers’ hole was too small. Here came garage adjustment number two. I searched in my drill bit set for a bit that was just slightly larger than the hole. I had hell of a time holding the small plastic thing between one forefinger and thumb against the drill. The bit grabbed it out of my hand repeatedly. Finally I came up with a way to do it without destroying it or my fingers. I drilled all six pieces. Alas, the hole was still not big enough. I managed to find a slightly larger bit, and repeated the process. This time I had a good fit.

I cleaned up the parts, and laid them out on the bed.

She asked me whether I had tried to install the device. I said no. She said to go ahead with installing it. I tested the fit by starting with the next to smallest of the five rings. Skipped two, and tried the next to the largest. Still too small. I finally settled on the largest hinged ring. I suppose one or both of my balls would squeeze through under some circumstances, but the smaller one was just too snug for longer than potentially several hours that I was anticipating. The five spacers and the three center posts offered a number of fitness between the two rings to make it difficult or impossible to remove, and definitely impossible to replace without unlocking the padlock through the center post hole. I chose a distance of about 5/8 inch, provided by the two largest spacers. All was well so far.

She had me put the set together and install it in the evening after we had showered. Wisely she allowed me to use a small latch instead of the padlock for this initial period. It is now early morning. I have had several erections during the night, but none of the ball-pinching problems that the CB2000 caused in the past. Aside from the bulk and occasional need to adjust my balls, the CB3000 device is rather comfortable. In cold weather my balls tend to migrate upward in a futile attempt to return into my body, and my cock shrinks to a ridiculously small size. With the CB2000 I had to decrease the space between the ring and the cage to about 3/8 inch, which in turn put a very painful strain on my balls and sack in cold weather. Since the weather has been warm lately, I don’t know how this CB3000 will fare under the circumstances. For now it is doing well.

With the CB2000, due to its construction, urinating was a relatively messy affair best performed while sitting. About the only time I stood was when in a public restroom. At home I sit anyway, but with that cage on it was a necessity to avoid pissing on everything around me. I have not tried standing with the CB3000, but the stream as I sit appears straight, only partly drippy because of the PA ring, which has nothing to do with the cage. In addition, with the 2000 I had to drop the entire set of balls, cock and cage into the bathroom sink and splash water all over it after urination. With the 3000 there is no need to be so vigorous, since the urine does not splash all over the cage.

I miss the open design of the 2000, since my skin does not get to breathe as much, so long term wear may not be as benign with the 3000.

Later this morning we were having coffee and discussing what I might be doing later in line of work. I had some hard labor in mind, she had other ideas. I will be cleaning the kitchen, hall, and the powder room. They are all rather large, so it’s not a matter of a few minutes work. After breakfast I attended to our animals feeding, and then began the work. She wanted to make sure that I remember her, so she attached and locked a padlock to the PA ring. At first it was sexy and erotic. After a while it was painful, as in tearing the flesh.

It took about an hour to move stuff such as furniture, and things left on the floor, into the living room, so that I could begin on the aforementioned floors. I cleaned the powder room toilet first. Then vacuumed all the floors of ceramic tile. This was followed by mopping the same, and concluded with scrubbing the pedestal sink in the powder room. There were some carpeted areas to vacuum clean, and then move all the furniture and stuff back where they were.

She had other chores for me that required going outside the house. For those I had to put on my jogging shorts, and then take the same off upon returning inside.

Later she attached a piece of acrylic ornament to the weight on my PA ring. It looks something that would hang from a chandelier. The combined weight increased the tearing pain. I went with that until late afternoon when she removed the acrylic weight, but left the heavy padlock on.

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