Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Matter of Links

Outside of my blog I maintain many links to blogs and web sites that I visit frequently or occasionally. I also peruse and use commercial web sites for material of prurient interest. I have bought their ware over the years. I am not a prude as far as this goes, so, if I were to provide links on this blog, my blog would look very busy. There is the rub.

I don't plan to include links or advertisements to commercial sites at this time. As much as I like some, I can't justify adulterating my self in that manner. I don't hold it against those of you who do, just that, it is not my way. I would rather take less attention or oblivion, then promote things that some readers would dislike. I am sure that you are all capable of finding what you want without my help in this matter.

The links to other blogs is a different issue. In a way I want to reciprocate when I find that my blog is linked from out there. Don't think that I don't appreciate your attention. Maybe I will just resort to private email to show my gratitude. The reason why I don't show links is more basic. As said earlier, I visit many blogs. I keep returning until I am bored with it, or it goes away. In a way it would be an obvious and ready assessment of my kinks to see to what my blog links. Not that I am trying to hide, nor am I afraid of being seen slumming. It is just that on the long run links to blogs become outdated and tedious.

The real and most compelling reason for not showing my favorite links is that I must limit the number in order to avoid the list being too much of a soul-searching chore. Showing some, and not others, would become a chore, and make the owners of those I don't show resentful. I choose to read and comment on your blog instead, and you know when I do that. On rare occasions I will cite a blog directly in my posts to show a particularly relevant issue. I believe that my approach is fair and just.

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miss aj said...

I have a very similar approach to links. I comment on those I visit but don't feel inclined to list them. I don't always like my trail to be obvious to those that might visit. And partly it is because I go to a wide variety of sites and they may not sit well together. It is no reflection of the wonderful blogs I visit and just like you I do sometimes note a blog if it is relevant to the post.