Monday, July 28, 2008

Chastity Device Woes

I am not trying to pervert my blog into CBT/CD/TD-specific fantasy. For one thing, unless I say otherwise, all of this is real. Read that as "None of this is a freaking fantasy". The other, aside from the usual FLR stuff that is premise of this blog, not much has been going on. I suppose that I could write about day-to-day occurrences and pose some problems just to jazz it up. I do have problems aside from the chastity issue, but I don't really want to burden you with it. I figure that if I think you can help, I will air the issues, otherwise I keep silent about them. We are still in an FLR, but I must admit that we are not progressing as I expected. Don't take this as a complaint, however. I love my wife, I appreciate the attention she gives me, and I want to continue to serve her. And, once in a while, we have a "grand conjunction."

The following took place a few weeks ago ...

After my bitching about the cheap-ass Chinese knockoff CB3000 I settled down a bit. I made some adjustments to it and all was well as I wore it following MW’s enforcement. All was well until the “stuff hit the fan”.

In general, when one is handicapped, one can get along if circumstances are benign. Having my privates enclosed in plastic is a handicap. Staying indoors with moderate temperature and humidity next to the skin is benign. Stepping outside to high temperature and humidity is less than benign. Wearing the plastic cage while trying to do hard labor outside is putting undue stress on the wearer and the device. Suffice it to say, the cheap Chinese knockoff broke a cog. The posts that hold the ring and the cage in alignment are weak, one broke. Since I took care to clamp my PA ring to the device, I was spared the embarrassment of it falling off and through my trouser leg as I was working with my physical therapist. The device held on to my cock tip, supported by the ring through the PA piercing. I am so good!

After I got home from the workout with my physical therapist, I approached MW with the problem. She had me remove the device. Well, fuck! $130 down the drain.

Now, days later, I can report some improvement of the situation. First, she commissioned me to repair the device, then she had me reinstall it.

No, not my physical therapist, you pervert! As much as a sexy sadist that the therapist is, it was MW who had me do this.

About repairs… I am handy with tools. I have been widely known to repair CB chastity devices at the slightest provocation. Well, maybe not “widely known”, but at least within our circle of... Never mind. I have fixed the damned things before. This was one of those times. I tried, and to an extent, succeeded. I drilled out the broken post, and inserted a piece of 7/32 inch copper wire of roughly the same diameter and length. I made the same hole to match in the ring so the two can be properly mated. MW had me install the works on my private parts to test it. She is still testing several hours later. Yes, that means, I am still wearing it. The device seems to be as strong or stronger than before.

Meanwhile …

I have a very fertile imagination. I could invent (and I have) totally weird sexual situations to titillate anyone regardless of the orientation of their kink. My current fixation is on male chastity. My target is #12A at To put it bluntly, this device is deviously overpowering. I have not tried it yet. I can’t justify the funds to acquire one, yet I feel it compelling. I have a piercing (as if you did not already know) to support its role. I have a sort-of-keyholder, MW, who might be willing to participate. There are two obstacles. The most prominent is the cost of the device. For me, $500 plus is a major expense that I cannot justify at this time. The other obstacle is MW’s potential objection, and my potential rejection of the usage of the device. If we were to spend the money to acquire it, I would feel compelled to use it in order to get our money’s worth out of it.

That’s good, but what if we have problems. Suppose she does not want me to wear the kinky stuff. Suppose I have a physiological problem wearing it. Suppose I chicken out and don’t want to be in an un-removable device. One encouraging note is that MW has expressed an interest in the device. Her position is, "If you earn the cost, you may buy it, then we will see."

Damn, this is difficult. I would hate to get still another job just to pay for it. The device is compelling. You have to do some research to figure out its devious details. I am basing my interpretation on various comments, reviews, and the site’s information. The curved thingie is a thick piece of metal that is supposed to go through the hole under my cock, and come through the front of the tip in the traditional Prince Albert piercing fashion. You need to think of cause and effect, kind of walking through the steps to imagine the post coming out the front, yet preventing the whole device from being removed. The ring to the right of it is one through which the head of my cock should be pushed just before being penetrated by the aforementioned PA curved metal.

But wait, there is more! There are two posts through this ring that impale themselves on the rim of my cock. These are visible in the ring. You can imagine them pressing on an impending erection with some subsequent pain. An alternate design offers and adjustable set using screws that can be locked. The deeper they are screwed, the more I am supposed to feel them. I can only imagine their penetration into my swelling cock as I righteously respond to MW’s challenge when she has me sniff her very private beauties. I am already in pain, even though I am wearing only the CB3000. But I can imagine the details, since I have been the recipient of the Kali’s teeth device already on certain occasions. Oh my! I would be in constant pain due to an erection that is discouraged by this device. Do I want to be in constant pain? Would I have a choice?

I am spilling juice all over myself thinking about this. Once installed, there is no escape. I do not want escape. I want it to control my cock, my mind, my thinking, my servitude to MW. Then again, once installed, I may change my mind. It is still a fantasy at this point, for I am not really in position to spend $500 plus to acquire this device. But it is a powerful fantasy.


Milliscent said...

I share your keen interest in Lori's devices, and your thoughts about the costs for such workmanship.

I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm not the one who must buy them.

I will say though that I do know people who use Lori's devices on a very regular basis, and the feedback I've received about them has all been positive.

Susan's Pet said...

Oh my! Am I about to commit myself to some unknown torture that I will both love and hate?

I assure you that I will not blame you in case I acquire this device and get what I thought I wanted but it turns out to be unbearable. What shall I do then? "Grin and bear it" I suppose.