Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cum Shots

I have been pissing off people lately. It is an attitude that I seem to have from time to time, and this is the time. I am being brave. I am willing to walk out before you without my body armor and wait for you to take your best shot at me. I may duck, but I will be out there!

I have bitched about pornography before. If you get off on it, fine. I have gone through some, and, without a scientific measure, I conclude it to be total crap. Yes, I know, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The problem is, I keep looking, but I see no beauty.

Some of you will say, “Yeah, shithead, you watch porno like we all do, so quit bitching.” Ok, I don’t know the amount of time you spend on it, the frequency, the intensity, or the type of material, so it is difficult to compare. I just have some real problem with about a tad below 100 percent of the stuff that I have seen.

I absolutely do not want to see women mistreated by men regardless of the situation. Yet, about fifty percent has to do with violence against women.

I tolerate a woman mistreated by another woman in some circumstances, but I never get sexual satisfaction out of it.

The ordinary fuck and suck videos don’t do anything for me, which accounts for another forty percent or so. As much as I love to see the naked female form, hump and blow scenes leave me cold.

That leaves some really raunchy stuff I don’t want to mention.

The above items take care of about 99 percent of pornography. The remaining one percent has to do with fake female dominas mistreating fake male submissives against fake dungeon-like backdrops mostly having to do with cocks and balls in some kind of bondage.

Visualize a skinny anemic unattractive female with a sneering attitude whose every second or third word, if she can speak at all, is “fuck” or “fucking”. She wears the requisite idiotic platform shoes and hopes she does not fall off and break two ankles. She wears a rubber or plastic outfit. She wears “nurse” outfit, or “military” outfit or ”Mistress outfit” that are produced by some home-shop in Shang-Wien in China. She wields whips, paddles, quirts, and appears to be in charge of a stupid male already in bondage. It is not known why he would go along with it. She suspends him from impossible hooks and chains in impossible positions, and proceeds to impale his mouth with the largest dildo ever built. She rapes him with a dildo the size of an elephant dong, and orgasms as he does in the process.

Have I turned you on so far with my depiction of pornographic methods and paraphernalia? If not, then maybe we think alike.

Some idiots out there obviously assume that depicting ugly men and women in prurient or violent portrayals of sexually suggestive scenarios are potentially lucrative. Perhaps they are right, otherwise they would not continue doing it. Are you paying for this? Are you supporting it? Which part of this is erotic?

I would rather use my imagination and jerk off in my bathroom. I am not condemning one’s preference for things. You know, some folks like gas masks, rubber suits, enema apparata, ballet boots, whips, paddles, chains, hooks, and so on. Pleasure and pain are relative. Shape, size, age, and scenario are to be preferred for the moment. Male or female, or a mix of the best is appreciated based on one’s needs. Two’s threes, or groups can be enticing. To each his own. But, damn, there is nothing original and attractive out there! It’s just more of the same crap. The captions to depict the contents are written by morons, and in many cases using an English-XXX dictionary.

Personally, when it comes to flavor, texture, and scenario, I like freshly baked sourdough rye bread. If all I see is doughnuts, chocolate cakes, ice cream, I feel disappointed and avoid it.

Similarly with the professional dominatrix scenario, I like the earthy well-built and experienced females as opposed to the typical thin femme fatale with no curves or muscles. If one of these thin wannabes has the means and determination to really whip my ass (figuratively) I might give her a chance assuming that MW would allow it. As I always say, “It’s not what you have, but what you do with it.” Alas, most of these professional mistreatesses don’t know what the hell they are doing. If they did, they would not be in front of a cheap camera with an asshole behind it. The purveyors of the genre assume that I don’t exist. Am I a minority?

What I really would like to see is real people doing real things in an erotic set. Real conversation, real story, real reactions to real events. They could get erotic, sadistic, masochistic, or realistic to fit the scenario. I would be willing to skip violence except maybe in tightly controlled situations where they are just part of what eventually becomes the ultimate orgasm (I like S/M when it fits the scenario. I have been known for having my ass whipped as I reported on my blog).

And yes, “Aarghhh, I’m comin’….!” Not to be included.

Getting back to the cum shot idea in the title. This is blatant. I am a man, I have masturbated, I have been masturbated by my female partner. All that was pleasant to a certain extent depending on the circumstances. Then there are the “cum shots” of pornography.

Can anyone tell me why a man would masturbate in the presence of an attractive woman and spill his juice over her face or body? I am as horny and virile as any man, but if a woman is willing to share her body, attention, and love with me, and we have an agreement of mutual pleasure, the last thing I want to do is to spill my sperm on her face. The whole idea is fake, stupid and demeaning to the woman!

I have masturbated. I do it when all else fails. But if I am in the company of a willing female, I would feel like a moron to culminate my pleasure by jerking off over her body. Who the hell came up with this lame theme?

Even worse are the pornographic videos of fucking and sucking until the last moment when the stupid male schmuck withdraws from whatever orifice and spills his load on some usually expected female surface. Give me a fucking break! Are there any of you out there who would do that? Male or female?

What would a woman get out of that? I know how a man would feel: an aborted or ruined orgasm! Unless the woman is enforcing that, and I would go with that, the idea is stupid. The people filming these videos are idiots, and the men getting off are just jerkoffs. Maybe they never learned to pleasure a woman with her satisfaction in mind. Maybe they learned sex watching these stylized pieces of crap and never had real sex. Maybe they don’t know love and satisfaction where it counts. They obviously have no respect for women. Similarly, the women have no respect for themselves or the men. What pathetic existence!


Anonymous said...

I suppose we can all categorize porn in our own ways. Very little porn (bdsm or other) seems erotic to me. Much I categorize as gross, silly, dangerous, boring... I can probably count on one or two hands the bdsm scenes I would actually enjoy watching a second time, if I had the desire to find and download them. The desire just isn't there. I enjoy the reality of a loving relationship. I discover something erotic about my partner all the time.

All For Her said...

I think the reason why "mainstream" porn has the external ejaculation has to do with prostitution laws. At least that's what I was told long ago.
If not it probably just has to do with people wanting closure, and if you can't see the males orgasm how do you know he's cum?

To me the most baffling porn is bukkake. Why the hell would I want to stand in a circle with a bunch of other guys and masturbate to orgasm on a women? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Susan's Pet said...


I am with you on that. When I look at my wife, and she is in the mood, I don't need anything else. Interestingly, she likes to watch movies of certain nature to get herself going before we get down to business. Not that I mind, of course.


You could be right about the primary reason for the idiotic practice. Lately, however it seems to be a male thing, you know, like "A real man will not sit on a toilet to urinate. He will stand," which is OK with me except in my house where I clean the toilets and the floor and walls around.

In General,

I find laws against pornography arbitrary and unreasonable. They are residuals of the attitude that "If I can't do it, he should not either."

I may have sounded tight assed in my posts against pornography itself. Aside from anything I said, I have the "to each his own" thinking. Whereas one man will actually get off on this and that, I have my own preferences. I did state my limits, and there is more: I don't want children and animals taking part, and I don't want people, any person, to be really hurt. Spanking and whipping are generally temporary, but cutting, etc., are permanent. Those I cannot abide.

Having said that, fantasies are mostly harmless as long as they are not carried out for real. So, think all you want, just don't act on some of your thoughts. For example, most TV and movie dramas are fantasy even when based on some reality. People are hurt, get killed, maimed, etc. in the context of the story. When the movie is over, you either feel good or bad about it, but nobody was really hurt, and you did not have to watch it. Similarly with books. This is why I have a problem with censorship of any kind. I, the potential reader or viewer, should make the decision, not some do-gooder who thinks he is smarter than me. So, if I don't buy the porno, or don't read the book, the producer will eventually lose business, and may have to get a real job. But I don't begrudge anyone watching what I consider crap. Crap is in the eye of the beholder.

whatevershesays said...

You and I see eye to eye on everything and I enjoy your blog.

I say, keep pissing people off!

doll said...

Well porn aside I will comment on the last few paragraphs.

I love it when my partner comes on my belly or breasts. It is very powerful for me. And just lately because I haven't yet wanted to do the education thing with my new man we have been indulging in the withdrawal method and it is sensational to have him come on my belly while we are skin to skin. It is not nearly as much fun when he wears a rubber to come.

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

I was not aware that such feelings existed. I am devastated.