Saturday, February 20, 2010

Your Standard Of Beauty

We all have expectation of beauty when it comes to the human. Beauty is subjective. It depends on ethnic and cultural influences on the person making this judgement. Early subjection to certain humans make a tremendous impact on our later preferences. I would love to research it and write a book. Alas, my time is limited to things that need my attention now, so the book will have to wait. For now I am doing a quick survey to at least show a preference. It does not include facial features, skin color, or race. It is mostly a perception of the body.

I have added another poll to my blog. In this I am interested in finding out your preferences for beauty. I had to split the poll in order to end up with reasonable sorting of the responses. For example, if the poll was dumped into one, and I ask, “Your gender: (1) Female, (2) Male, (3) Bisexual, … and then the actual poll questions,” there is no stopping you from clicking more than one answer, which would make the calculation of respondent percentages invalid. In the first part I try to get an idea of who is voting. The actual choice to make is as follows:
  • Female Heterosexual
  • Female Homosexual
  • Male Heterosexual
  • Male Homesexual
  • Bisexual mostly – I will swing either way, as opposed to “I could be forced to do it” (hell, most of us would be glad to be forced).

In the actual part of the preferences survey I tried to limit the number of alternatives, yet express a range that you could choose as the best that represents your feelings. For example, you might have a range between “Soft and trim” and “Abundantly curvaceous”. Choose one. This is anonymous, and you are not committing to a relationship here except in your fantasy, so don’t be shy. I know it is difficult. If a range of females were to offer themselves covering all this, with my wife’s permission, of course, I would have great difficulty to choose. But, If I limit it to, say, a weekend bout, then the choice would be easier.

Here is the actual survey: 

  • Very thin - as in “supermodel” thin with bones nearly visible through the skin.
  • Thin and trim - naturally thin, but not emaciated
  • Trim and muscular - thin rather than heavy, but obviously muscular (not the heavy-weight-lifting necessarily)
  • Soft and trim - trim, but with some obvious softness
  • Soft and curvaceous - curves rather than trim, but not heavy
  • Abundantly curvaceous - somewhat overweight, any shape
  • Large and proportional - abundant without out of proportion parts
  • Large and emphasized - abundant with some emphasized parts, such as breasts, hips, derriere
  • Emphasized parts - anything with emphasized parts

The above is presented from a mostly heterosexual male’s point of view, so I skipped the preferences for the male attraction. If any of you have a constructive comment for me to poll preferences for the male in a similar fashion, please give me your list, and we could go from there. Your list should be limited to categories that range from here to there, so that I can make any alternative exclusive. For example, “Tall, dark and handsome” versus “Tall blonde and masculine” are not good alternatives, for they overlap. Please let your creativity and fantasy go to work, and we will have fun with it.
By the way, you may vote more than once. For example, if you are so versatile that you just cannot dismiss preferences for, say, “Abundantly curvaceous” and “Emphasized parts”, then by all means vote twice. Your votes will not dilute the preferences, but weigh the trend toward type.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

I went with soft and curvaceous. It seems the majority of pollsters, who are predominantly hetro males, agree.



Susan's Pet said...


In a way that is an "average" look given the boundaries. As such, most men are likely to be in that preference. It is certainly in the middle of my wide appreciation of the female form.

I just want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with personal preference. What I find out of whack is the fashion and film making industries promoting a cerain look, and expect that all males and females will succumb to that edict.

The natural charm of a female will transcend cultural, societal, and promotional insistences on what is beautiful. As long as we love women, this will persist