Friday, February 12, 2010

The Weakness Of The Male

In legends and in history men succumbed to the charms of women, and did things in private that they would not do before their peers. There was Delilah of biblical times, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, and more of recent times including in your lives I am sure who demonstrated man’s weakness for females.

A woman does magical things to a man, and the man in turn loses control of his logic while trying to satisfy his current addiction to the female charm. A coarsely framed thought by virulent feminists says, “A man is driven by his penis,” or such drivel. Yes, one can just as simplistically say, “A woman is driven by her hormones without logic.” Either claim is thoughtless and trivial. Generalizing like that makes enemies in both camps.

I like to think of this eternal attraction between male and female as the prime directive of perpetuating the human. It is demonstrated in lower lives, some mistakenly deemed human, but generally in mammals and even in other species. There is nothing wrong with sexual attraction. It is what you do with it that may be good or bad. We all know the bad things, and I won’t say anything about them here.

The good things about sexual attraction between male and female is that on the long run it makes sure that humans procreate. The obviouos motivational and beneficial side effect is the enjoyment of the process. Homosexuality is ok as a sexual preference, regardless of the controversy about it being inherited or assumed. The only problem would be if humans were on the fringe of being unable to produce new offsprings, and that is definitely not the case. The human population is increasing at an alarming rate, as evidenced by wars, famine, and pollution.

Getting back to the main topic, which is the male’s reaction to the female’s attraction, I will say, “Bring it on.” I don’t have to do anything about it. I enjoy seeing a female under benign circumstances. I don’t mind admitting that females can do things to me that I suffer, even welcome. These are things I allow that some would consider showing weakness. Yes, I am weak when it comes to females. Not totally weak, for I still have a brain where logic dictates above all, aside from immediate reaction to assure survival. But reaction to female charm is my second most powerful emotion.

Consider the facts. Females are generally smaller and physically weaker than males. If males did not have this all-powerful drive, females would have been killed in early competition for food and shelter. They would have had no defense against the brutish males. So females came up with a powerful weapon: ensnare the brutish males in all that speaks of female. Scents of female can be devastating. A male would follow them to the end. The visual display of fat on a female defines her form. Sure, muscles are vital, but on the long run fat is what decides curves and such. Above all, the female's approach to life is nurturing, loving, tenderness, with few exceptions.

The males did not have a chance. Good thing that the females were not evil, or they could have killed off all males from day one. I guess it is a matter of evolution for survival. We need each other. We like each other. We love each other. We would not want to live without each other.

In a way this brings up the question of which came first, the attractive female or the attracted male. Either they were created simultaneously, or they evolved based on need. The early man had the means to bring home the meat. The early woman showed him where to put it. Those who did not follow the obvious lead, did not produce offsprings.