Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She Remembered Me

For a couple of days now she has been hinting that I should be rewarded for my good service. I usually don’t say anything because I don’t want to agree or disagree with her. She can decide on her own.

Yesterday afternoon she sent me to town to buy some grass-fed no-hormone ground beef for her barbecued hamburger. I went out, and braved the damned winter visitors in the isles of the store, in the parking lots, and on the highway. After returning I took care of some chores, did another bout of weight lifting, and then settled down to do some writing. As the evening progressed she let me know that the hamburger was ready to be torched. I dropped everything (my stuff, that is) and lit up the barbecue. With our canine beasts helping me I was done with the meat in about half an hour. By then she had all else prepared for the feast. We had an enjoyable meal. After that I cleaned up the dishes, trash, etc., and went back to my writing.

She summoned me to the bedroom where she was laying out some ropes that were already attached to the four corners our playground. She told me to shower. I did, and then shaved. When I came out of the bathroom she pointed to the bed where I should lie down. Not being too dense I figured that she wanted me on my back. I complied. She proceeded to attach ropes to my extremities, and then pulled one of her sexy panties over my head that obscured my vision. She dropped a CD into the player, and left.

The music playing was one of our favorites, so for a while I lay there enjoying it. The problem began when I had a hint of a sinful thought, and my Little Guy did his thing. Sort of like in the crappy old TV show, The Incredible Hulk. The only difference here was that, whereas the Hulk would split out of his clothes due to the increase of size, the Little Guy tried, but was unable to do so. That evil Kali’s Teeth Bracelet that MW had me put on that morning was unyielding. The consequence was a lot of bulging of cock on both sides of the rows of shark teeth. At first I became aware of the slight pain. As time progressed, maybe an hour into the session the CD expired. I hoped that MW would come and rescue us.

She came, replaced the CD with another favorite, and then left. And so began my second hour of torture. I tried every thought to help diminish the bulges around the device. None worked. For the next hour I dealt with the pain. In a way it did get my mind off being cold, thirsty, and needing to go to the bathroom. The pain was the center of my attention.

I was counting the tracks as they played. Toward the end of the CD’s repertoire MW returned. Upon my hearing her steps I pleaded wit her to release The Big Guy. Using some cutting instruments she managed to release him while causing more pain with the process. I had so much pain in the area that I could not tell when the bracelet was off. It was only after she began to massage the Big Guy with some lotion that I realized the freedom given to us. My thinking quickly adapted from pain to pleasure, then back again when she applied tight clamps to my tits. Actually, I wished she would do so even before it happened. My tits are part of my pleasure-pain mechanism that works on my mind.

She continued with the Big Guy and I wished that she would sit on my face. I guess she did not want to overwhelm me with pleasure, so my lips remained unoccupied. After that it did not take long for me to blow my stuff all over my chest. She did not say anything, but released my hands and ankles one by one. She left me lying on my back.

“I assume that you are done with me?” I said after a while.

“What do you think?” she answered. “You may want to shower.”

I did. The hot water on my poor abused cock was painful. In a way it was another gift from her. By the time I returned she had a tray of tea, cake, and fruit for me. Isn’t she great?

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