Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Idiots Are Still In Charge

If you fly commercial airlines you can feel safe because everybody is thoroughly checked before boarding a flight. That includes the pilot, copilot, and little old broads in wheelchairs to make sure that they don’t carry bazookas between their legs, etc.

Of course, that does not cover the real danger. The maniac in this case was allowed to board a flight even though he fit the exact profile of a would be terrorist: young male, features shared with all know terrorists so far (Arabic or Middle Eastern), carrying no luggage, buying a one-way ticket with cash, encased in explosive underwear. Oh yeah, there were other things known about him, but in order to be politically correct, nothing was done.

The head of the US Homeland Insecurity is Janet Napolitano. She dumped the Arizona governorship to accept this position offered by Obama. In a statement to CNN referring to this incident she said, "… the system worked." Can anyone tell me what part of what system worked?

Napolitano is in charge, but she is either a puppet or an idiot. We should fire her and the whole bunch that she oversees and contract homeland security to somebody like Blackwater. We would save what we now waste on salaries of bureaucrats and the workers who are, by policy, not allowed to act with common sense. We would not be violated every time we fly, and they would catch the murdering bastards before they board a plane. Of course, our current administration would try the would-be terrorists in civilian courts and let them off on technicalities, but at least the fanatics would be out of business in the mean time. It seems that we have more to fear from our politicians and appointed bureaucrats who make this policy than from the fanatics who want to kill us.

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doll said...

Well it might reduce the numbers of aliens visiting your country and let you enjoy it to yourself. I couldn't think of much worse than a 13 hour flight with no carry on luggage and not being allowed to keep myself warm with a blanket across my lap. Also think the body checks are going to be really unpleasant for women who choose to use pads during their menses.