Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Remarkable Ass

My ass is remarkable. Not that I can actually look at it directly and say in appreciation, “Now, that’s remarkable!” Far from it. For one thing, my neck and head don’t swivel that far. Looking in the mirror is a poor substitute. I have never seen my ass the way another person could. I am not suggesting that I would be turned on by watching my own ass that way. Well, maybe, on the occasions when nothing or nobody is planning to use it I could get enough of an incentive to do some well deserved self-gratification on the other side. But that is not as satisfying as being involved by another who has a need to satisfy, and she knows that I can provide that need. Whoa! This is what gets me going.

MW has a kinky way of looking at my ass. If the said ass does not have a recent pattern of her appreciation, it should; therefore, she wants to make it look proper. This is not the so-called over the knee punishment. This is not recurring discipline that “a man needs”. This is her artistic need to impart patterns onto my vulnerable lily-white cheeks to satisfy her creative needs. My ass must look like it belongs to her, and the best way is for her to do that is to leave her mark.

She has done some carving leaving her permanent mark. It is barely discernible after the several years, but it still shows up during temperature changes. She has tattooed to a very small extent, and it too, is noticeable if you look closely. She has not given up on permanent marks yet. However, her most notable contributions are the ones that linger for a while, and then need to be remarked usually via canes, whips, paddles, etc.

I have posted a number of such occasions. While I receive the marking, it hurts. At that moment I would want it to stop hurting. When it is over, I would not change it for anything. It is a gift from MW, very personal, and somewhat lasting. Some days or weeks later, they are to be renewed for her satisfaction. Her satisfaction is my joy.

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