Saturday, January 2, 2010

Female Superior Position

God, I love to serve a woman. In my case it is my wife. She is a deserving person of my love, admiration, and servitude. I also love to serve other women. I love them just because they are female, and feel protective and supportive toward them. I also have the hots for them, but that is not to be satisfied. At the same time I admit that my devotion to females is not universal. Each such person must be worthy of my attention. That is what separates me from wimps, would-be-slaves, and useless creatures who claim to be sub human.

There is a blog by John. He posts provocative ideas. We don't know whether he is in his seventies with a fertile imagination and no cock, or a young man who has no real personality. His blog is all based on rhetoric without evidence of reality. I have been following it, and tried to remain supportive, but it has been a challenge. In the last one Female Superior Position he asks questions, such as, “Who should be on top, and whether a submissive male should be allowed intercourse.” Ok, they are just questions, so I should not get riled. But even questions can be inappropriate. It is his blog, and there were many people responding including me. But that is the reason for my post this time. By his questions he drew people into a discussion that is so broad that any of the specific topics could not be covered in satisfaction: responses ranged from here to infinity.

My assessment of his blog is that he is a frustrated male in his forties who has no access to what he really needs: a strong woman to whip his ass. He advocates female supremacy, which is the opposite of male supremacy. If I interpret his writing correctly, he is willing to submit to anything as long as it is female. By his assumption a female cannot be wrong, misguided, stupid, idiotic, or psychotic. Therefore, females should be in charge of everything, and males should be serving all who need serving. Males should be subjugated, mistreated, kept in mental and physical bondage by all females.

If you have read my posts, you will understand that I have a real problem with this interpretation. I have gone through wars and revolutions to depose tyranny. Female supremacy is tyranny, just as male supremacy is. In a fantasy world one can submit to slavery, but we are in a real world, and slavery is not one to prescribe to all of us by some schmuck who thinks it is cool. I will say again, female supremacy is as bad as male supremacy.

A person, regardless of gender, should rise to his intellectual level in life. He should not be prevented from excelling in any field that is constructive and helpful to the species. I may have prejudices based on experience, but I truly believe in allowing the member of any race or gender to attain what they are capable of attaining. If they succeed, fine. If they fail, hey, they are just like the rest of us.

This idea of supremacy based on being female is just crap. It is created in the fertile imagination of some who like to rattle our chains but have nothing to offer. I am a firm supporter of women’s rights. The whole idea should not be an issue. Women are human, and must have human rights no less, and no more than men have. As for who is in charge, let the best person be.

When it comes to partners in life, anything goes as long as you don’t try to impose your silly rules on others. I might like your lifestyle, and would try to copy it, but I don’t feel compelled to follow it.


doll said...

If nothing else he does introduce innocents like me to some very interesting artwork.

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

Innocents like you?

One of these days somebody will take away your innocence. With your insistence, of course. Until then, I could show you some interesting artwork. I seldom plagiarize, so it will have to be original. My wife is an artist in more than one sense of the word. Pencils, brushes, cameras, and titclamps are part of her repertoire.

Susan's Pet said...

One more thought for Sweet Doll.

I hope that you don't take offense at my tongue-in-cheek response. I have been following your blog, and based on that I have concluded the following.

You are an intelligent, educated, sensitive, and sexy woman with a sense of humor. You write well, and don't become vindictive when the subject is controversial.

Just so you know that I like your style. Oh, and your other things too. I can't help that.

doll said...

Well in the area of erotic art and more especially that of a cartoon nature I am most certainy innocent. I never graduated beyond the risque postcards found at the seaside when I was a child.

Now you have my imagination running riot, you as your wife's muse and the carefully stored artwork that must exist.

Susan's Pet said...


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